I live on a cattle farm (we call them farms instead of ranches in this area) in Missouri, USA, with my husband, Mike, and our sons, Chris and Jesse.  We homeschooled our sons for several years.  Mike works a town job as a maintenance technician.  I work a town job as an administrative assistant and auction project manager at a real estate company.  Chris graduated May of 2011 and is farming and ranching with 2 older generations of the farm along with running a fitting and clipping business for show calves.  Jesse will graduated high school May of 2012 and Linn State Technical College May of 2014 with a degree in Medium/Heavy Truck Technologies – International Certification.  He also works with the cattle when he gets home from the town job and runs the fitting and clipping business with Chris.   We run a cow/calf to feedlot type of operation.  There’s not an age of cattle we don’t have on the farm at one time or another. We sell a few show calves each year and enjoy helping the kids who show our calves develop a love for agriculture.  The boys have been 4-H and FFA members and have held leadership positions in both of these orginizations.  We are also active in our local church and seek a deeper relationship with God.    Any other questions about us, just ask.  It’ll give me something more to write about!

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  1. Glad to read your comments. I live on a small farm producing feeder calves. Sure don’t need the HSUS to tell me how to take care of my cows and calves.


  2. Just wanted to say “thanks” for your blog post on Amendment #1. I caught a tidbit on a TV commercial and decided I needed to do some research on this issue before I voted. I wanted to know what some REAL farmers thought of the amendment, and I found my answer. I am always leery about what I’m reading and hearing, and is this article trying to deceive me into voting for something I am really against. I was very refreshed when you spoke of living out your faith, and the issue of free lunches for everyone at school (I read a couple other blogposts too). I also liked how your boys were expected to work hard, and that they like their work. That is just not being taught anymore. Anyway … thanks again for your blog on amendment #1. I really appreciate it! And reading your blog was a “breath of fresh air”!


  3. Thanks for the info on Amendment #1. It is very confusing, especially to non farmers 😉 and I really want the farmers opinion because what you do is so important. Thanks


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