Animal Ag Alliance Summit 19

Did you know the Animal Ag Alliance Summit is back in Kansas City this year? I was very excited to see this. And better yet, they have sponsored a contest for farmers/ranchers to show the scene of “Come to the Table”. We all know that in family farms, most important discussions are had around the dinner table. As we transition from the parenting role to more of the grand parenting role, I find myself more concerned with being able to make our cattle farm sustainable for the next generations. Attending the Animal Ag Alliance opens my eyes and my mind to issues that may affect the sustainability of our place. It also challenges me to be a better advocate for the beef industry and the animal ag industry as a whole.

Two years ago I got to attend with my friend, Nicole Small. Nicole is an outgoing women who is well connected. I’m not. She pushed me out of my comfort zone in getting me to attend and now I’m really hoping to get to go back. I’ve entered a photo contest about Coming to the Table sponsored by the Animal Ag Alliance. And I’m honestly up against some very tough competition in the Ag Blog and Twitter scene. So, if you’d like to help me get to the convention, you can vote here:

From Birth to Burger: Industry Led Beef Supply Chain Animal Welfare and Sustainability Efforts is the first session that really stood out to me. How we care for our animals and making our herd sustainable so that Avery, Wyatt and Baby Bastian will have quality herd to inherit are always topics at the forefront of our minds.

Bringing the Food Chain to the Table: Retailer/Restaurant and Foodservice Perspectives. This is our target audience for 80% of each year’s calf crop. Yes, we sell a few calves as show calves, but 80% will end up in the food chain. We need to know what our customers are most wanting, most concerned about and most excited about.

Does the Conversation Reflect the Cart? What Consumers Say vs. What They Buy. Oh this one promises to be interesting. Labels are on every food product and some of them a little misleading. How has the marketing of such labels affected consumer buying? I can see a blog post and a follow up in our local community on this one.

Finally on day two we’ll discuss Hot Topics such as meat alternatives and gene editing. And finally we’ll wrap up with Protecting our Plate: Are You a Target for Activists?

So you see, there’s a lot to be learned at this convention. Just so you know, that’s what I look forward to the most.

By the way, here’s our table pic.

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