The Greatest Gift

Christmas has come and gone.  The question most asked is, “What’s the best gift you got?”  And then I’m stuck.  I don’t have a one word answer and I’m not sure I want to take the time to put into words what my best gift was.


The boys and Brittany got me some AMAZING knives, but that wasn’t the greatest gift.  And while I really liked the Grandma plaque Avery gave me, it wasn’t the greatest either.

You see, the greatest gift for me this year was when 4 generations of our family gathered on Christmas Eve to worship together.  It was such a blessing sitting there taking in the message of Pastor Jeff, singing songs of worship together and just relishing the joy of the night.  It was Christmas day that it dawned on me what made the night so special.

I grew up the youngest in my family.  And I have one first cousin on each side of my family tree that’s younger than me.  I never got to meet my Grandpa Moore and my Grandma Moore passed away before I was a year old.  My Grandpa Hillebrand passed away when I was 12.  Grandma was the only grandparent I had when I became a parent myself.


As I sat there I realized what a blessing it is for Avery to have not only her parents and grandparents to raise her in faith, but also 6 great grandparents!  Three generations of love, joy, faith and grace being poured into this little girl.  And that was the greatest gift this Christmas.


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