80 years old

Today is my father-in-law’s 80th birthday!  I’m sure there are several of you who have never met him, so in order to celebrate him I thought I’d tell you just a little about him.



Paul Bastian is a farmer.  That one word should tell you a lot about him.  He’s tough, intelligent, caring and compassionate.  He’s faithful, loyal and determined and maybe just a little stubborn.  You can find him on any given day caring for the cattle, watching the cattle and crop markets, and looking on Facebook and Tractor House on his smart phone.


Paul is a strong Christian.  You can disagree with him on any number of topics but one that you will never succeed in swaying him is his faith.  He has been a Sunday school teacher and an elder and never has he taken those roles lightly.  He has prayed impossible prayers.  He has led his family faithfully.  He knows his Savior’s voice and listens intently to it.


Paul is a family man.  I made a comment the other night about only getting to spoil our granddaughter, Avery, for another 18 years and both of the boys said, “Our grandpas still spoil us and we’re way past 18!”  And they were right.  We all know that if we need advice or a helping hand, we can call on Paul.  He loves each of his children and their spouses, each grandchild & great-grandchild unconditionally and fully.  And he loves his wife with his whole heart and has for nearly 60 years now!


Paul is so much more than I can even describe here.  I guess the only other thing I can tell you is that we are so thankful for his example, his guidance and mostly his love.  Happy birthday!

Love always, 

Mike, Melinda, Chris, Jesse, Brittany and Avery



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