Uh oh….it’s February…………

Mike and I have been married for nearly 26 years and there is a event that rolls around every February like clockwork.  No, it’s not Valentine’s Day, the Iowa Beef Expo, Groundhog’s Day or President’s Day.  Only those of you with rancher husbands, fathers or brothers will know the event, especially if you live in the midwest.


February, in Missouri, is a time of fluxating temperatures.  This week, for example, we’ll have highs in the 60’s and then high’s in the 20’s.  We’ll have rain, possibly ice, possibly snow and sunshine.  Probably some wind thrown in for good measure.  On on the days when the ground thaws, the frustrations of the ranchers rise.

The event will happen when the mud is deep and calving is round the clock.  The event doesn’t come on any specific day on the calendar but it does come sometime this month.  Oh, and lookie there, we have an extra day in the month this year so maybe we’ll celebrate the event for 2 days instead of just one.


The event is the annual “I don’t know why I do this!  Am I this stupid to think it’ll be better next year?  I should just sell the cows, the farm, the equipment and MOVE TO TOWN!!!”  When your boots are sucked down to the depths of the mud holes, when you get the skid loader and/or the tractor stuck, when you loose a cow and/or calf who got stuck in the mud or got navel ill or scours due to the wet conditions, it’s hard to see the positives.

This event used to really bother me.  It worried me to think that my husband would actually want to walk away from this life of ours.  But now, after 26 Februarys, I’ve finally come to the point that I can recognize it for what it is……a rant.  A way to let off steam.  Something that will realease the pressure valve, take his blood pressure back down, and allow us all to continue on until warmer spring days, greener grass, dry ground and healthy cows and calves come to pass.  Just remember, it’s not aimed at you, it’s not aimed at your lifestyle, it’s just aimed at the frustrations of the world.

Happy February!


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