Dear Jesse,

Today’s your long anticipated wedding day.  We’ve been planning a good while now and it’s finally here.  The house is quiet right now as everyone catches just a bit more sleep before the adventures of the day begin.  In the next hour, everyone will rise with the sun and the chaos will begin.

I ‘m not good at expressing myself with spoken words.  You know that.  I need time to think and process and make sure it comes out right.  And today, “There, there” just doesn’t seem to cut it.

I want to be sure that you know just how proud your dad and I are of the man you’ve become.  You’ve never ceased to amaze us.  You are a rock.  I know we often say you’re so much like your Grandpa Moore and are usually harassing you about something at that point.  But it’s a good thing to pattern your life after someone who works hard, loves his family and has faith that God is right there with you every step of the way.  You have chosen wisely by choosing Brittany to share your life with.  Always know and remember that.  God placed Brittany in your path and you in hers.  He planned and ordained this marriage – of that I have no doubt.


Know that the coming year will definitely be a time of transition for both you and Brittany.  Learning to live with, depend upon and completely trust another person is harder than you might realize.  I pray that you and she remember to pray together, communicate well and love deeply.  Never give up on one another.  God placed the two of you together for a lifetime….and a joyous one at that.  That doesn’t mean you won’t have disagreements or frustrations.  But it does mean that you will turn to God and ask Him to heal the hurts, soothe the emotions and let the joy shine through you and your family.

I have no doubt that you will be an awesome dad.  No, you will not be a pushover….that’s just not in your DNA.  I watched you last night playing with Sebastian and it was obvious how great you will be.  You will likely have at least one strong willed child.  I did.  My parents did.  Their parents did.  Just remember to shape that will according to God’s plan for that child.  Each child is unique and specially wired by God for what He has planned for his/her future.  Yes, I typed her there too.  You may one day have a daughter.  Sorry, didn’t mean to send chills down your spine.  But, if and when you do have a daughter, she will be the most loved and cherished little girl ever.  I know, because the Grandpa you take after, he had 3 little girls and we were and are all loved and cherished.  Sons will be just as cherished and loved with passion instilled in them too.

Well, it’s getting close to sunrise and I need to make your steak omelets and get started on the day.  Congratulations to you and Brittany.  May God bless you richly today and forever.

Love always,


5 thoughts on “Dear Jesse,

  1. Today is the transition for your family. Relationships heading into the next phase. Having married adult children is a blessing in its own way. God has used you and Mike to.prepare your son for life as it will be now. God bless all of you! Congrats too!


  2. Blessings to count and a new chapter in life God is giving you all!
    I really like what Julie wrote to you all.
    Your blog today is such great advice and memories!
    Smile & breathe life is great 2016 is going to be wonderful .


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