I’ve seen people choosing a word of the year for a few years now.  I think about trying one each year, but wonder, “How in the world can an entire year be summed up in just one word?”  Looking back I can see 2 words that seem to have risen to the top like cream in a bucket of milk.  Change and Grace.  I’ll be the first to admit to not being very good at either word.  I like consistency.  I like to experience grace, but am not so quick to offer it to others.  But, God has spent the better part of 2015 fine tuning me.  He still has a lot more work to do in me and through me though.

2016 is beginning with a flurry of activity.  Jesse and Brittany are getting married tomorrow.  It’s 6 am as I’m typing this and I’ve been up a couple of hours already.  My sleep cycle is a bit of a mess this week.  Next Saturday I plan on sleeping in…..at least until 7!  I heard Chris’s alarm go off a few minutes ago, but he shut it down pretty quickly.  I should be working at my to do list for the house, but it will wait a few more minutes.  I’m learning to start my days out talking with God.  Thankful for a new day filled with new opportunities.  Thankful for a growing family.  Thankful.  Maybe that should be my word for 2016.  Thankful.

When I focus on being thankful, everything else falls into place.  Like the fact that I’m thankful when my space bar is working correctly.  Or the fact that we have cows ready to calve when the rest of the crew is gone to Denver in a couple of weeks.  Or the fact that my Explorer has over 200,000 miles and is still ticking along quite nicely.  Or the fact that our home is big enough to host friends and family – for big events and everyday events.  Or the fact that the men whom we raised are now very good friends of mine.  Or the fact that after 25 years of maritial bliss, Mike and I are gaining a daughter (and we don’t even have to go through the pre-teen and teen years!).  Or the fact that God has blessed me with another day to do the work He has for me.  So, I guess I’ve found my word. Thankful.

So here we go 2016, ready or not, here we go.


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