Patience is a virtue

or so I’ve been told.  I’m not a patient person and I don’t think of many of our family members are very patient.  But apparently patience has paid off this time at least.

If you follow my blog you know our older son’s truck was stolen on October 30th from a hotel in North Kansas City while he was working for some friends/ fellow cattlemen at the American Royal.  We spent two weeks being frustrated and a bit angry.  Ok, maybe a tad bit more than a bit angry.  Then I decided I needed to get over it and  move on.  I had a lot of plates spinning in my life and could just focus on the “stolen truck plate”.  I continued praying that God would help us in this situation…..either help us to understand or help us to get the truck back, maybe even bring conviction upon the criminals who stole the truck.  I then left it in God’s hands and decided to not focus so much on it.

chris truck

Fast forward a few weeks…. 7 1/2 weeks to be exact….the night before Christmas Eve at 9:30 pm to be even more precise.  Chris had been getting telemarketing calls and ignoring them so when a blocked number called him, he ignored it.  Then his phone dinged that a voice mail had been left.  He listened to it and the looked at Jesse and I with a confused look on his face.  “They…found….my…..truck.”  “Here, listen.”

He quickly called the number back and got some more details.  Another number to call and the hours they are open.  I’ll be honest here in saying their computerized phone system was not exactly user friendly.  I’m not sure if we called them 5 or 6 times before we figured out the fact that we needed to go to their website to find the number where we could talk to an actual human being.

We made sure the impound yard would be open the Saturday after Christmas and adjusted our plans for the day to pick up the truck.  We still had no idea what shape it was in but figured something was better than nothing.

Saturday morning we were up early…..anticipating, excited, anxious.  The guys finished chores got the truck and flatbed trailer ready and we were on our way.  When we found our way to the impound yard, we went in and completed the paperwork necessary and paid the impound fee (which was actually 1/2 of what we were expecting).  There was a driver there to take you back to your vehicle.  He took Chris back and then Jesse, Mike and I waited.  A few minutes later we saw the car with Chris come back up to the office and pull around the front.  At this point we were pretty sure the truck must be totaled…..our hearts were sinking fast.

We went out and met Chris outside.  He was cautiously optimistic.  The batteries were out of it and the ignition tumbler was gone so he still didn’t know if it would start or not.  We followed the driver back with our truck and trailer hoping the truck would start so we could load it.

We got back there and there was very little physical damage that we noticed.  The passenger door handle was broken and gone.  The gage pillar was gone.  The batteries were gone.  The ignition tumbler was gone.  But other than that, it looked good.  The bed was full of trash bags of garbage but the truck wasn’t trashed.  The inside was cleaned out and was actually quite clean.

We took the batteries out of Mike’s truck and Chris climbed in.  He cranked on it a bit and it finally turned over.  He was able to drive it onto the flatbed so we could chain it down and haul it home.

We all had just about given up on finding the truck and were pretty certain even if we did find it, most likely it would be in pieces.  Never, even in my grandest dreams, did I believe that truck would come back to us in the shape it’s in.

We haven’t had the chance to visit with the detective yet – that call will happen Monday morning.  And then we’ll put the frustration behind us and focus on Jesse & Brittany’s wedding next Saturday and restoring the truck and getting ready for Denver.  In other words, we’ll keep moving forward with live and love, family and faith just as we always have.

Thanks to all of you who had shared the original post and pictures of the truck.  Thanks to you, it was pictured on the KC news about a week after it was stolen and got more eyes out for it.  It also reminded the detective that we didn’t want to just give up on it.  So thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!

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