A Birthday Rarely Celebrated

Today is my mom’s birthday and tomorrow is my (almost) daughter-in-law’s birthday.  Neither of these ladies get the attention they deserve on their birthdays.  Everyone is usually so wrapped up in Christmas celebrations that they fail to remember or take time to celebrate them.  I know it’s late in the day so I’m going to do one post for both of them.


My Mom grew up a town girl.  She has stories of going to the roller skating rink and having fun with friends in town.  Those stories seem exciting and somewhat exotic to me growing up as a kid.  I was the youngest in my family and we had no other families very close by. But mom’s life was completely foreign to me.  I had animals and siblings as my only friends as a young child.  Mom grew up in an interesting family.  My German Grandpa worked as a truck driver for a coal company.  Grandpa smoked much of his life and I really don’t have many memories of him being able to be out of his hospital bed for much time at all.  He was on oxygen and battled emphasymia for years.  I remember the excitement he had when he met my nephew for the first time.  He loved his family dearly and would do anything for any of us.  My Grandma was an Irish Catholic who worked as a nurse’s aide at the state mental hospital.  She was always coming up with fun ideas for the patients for events.  Mom is a mixture of her parents.  She’s always there for all of us – kids, grandkids and great grand kids.  She’s also always up for a good time.  When the grandkids were little, she’d always make sure to ring the jingle bells to let them know Santa had been there.  She always has her house lit up with multi-colored lights at Christmas too.  Mom has a huge heart and is an amazing servant.  She looks for ways to encourage others and to make their lives better.  My mom, in short, is a treasure.


And I’ve been blessed with another treasure in another generation of my family, my (in a week) daughter-in-law.  Brittany is a woman who earnestly seeks after God’s heart.  She loves my son unconditionally.  She put up with (and even enjoys) the antics and adventures of our family.  She is a loving and caring nurse & care taker.  Life has definitely thrown her some curve balls in the last year and she has knocked them out of the park, in my opinion…..always doing what she knows is right, no matter how difficult that decision may be. I cannot wait to celebrate the beginning of Jesse & Brittany’s married lives next weekend.  I know she’s going to be an amazingly beautiful bride and, more importantly, the perfect wife for my son.

Happy birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday, Brittany!

I pray for many more years and adventures with both of you in the years to come.

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