Silent Night, Holy Night


Did you know that really is my favorite Christmas song?  I remember learning some of the signs for it in early elementary school.  One of the teachers there had a daughter who was deaf, so we included sign language with one of the songs for her.  I’m pretty sure we screwed up the signs as 2nd graders but we tried and we felt really good about ourselves doing something for someone else.  And since then, that has been my favorite Christmas song.

I remember one year when our boys were little and Mike was either working the weekend shift or he had to put in some overtime he wasn’t able to make it to my Grandma Hillebrand’s Christmas celebration.  I was out doing chores before we needed to head out and it was snowing ever so lightly when Silent Night, Holy Night came to mind.

Silent Nights rarely happen on the farm.  If you have animals, there is always something going on, something making noise or something creating chaos.  But on that night for those few moments, it was a Silent Night on our farm.  I found myself wishing my Grandma could be there to take it in.  Grandma wasn’t a farm girl – she lived most of her life in town – but there was something so magical about it, I felt she could have appreciated it.

This Christmas there won’t be much time for a Silent Night.  We have abit of hustle and bustle around here as Jesse and Brittany are getting married a week from Saturday.  And Chris is working out of town this week with someone else. I just pray I can get that moment of a Silent Night to stop and reflect.  Reflect upon the blessings and love of my Heavenly Father.  Reflect upon the perfect gifts He has given us in the perfect time.  Reflect upon the gifts and blessings of family and friends who lift us up in good times and bad, who support us and who love us.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Silent Night.

Melinda and the Bastian Show Calves Crew

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