Sometimes you just have to hit the reset button……

Nearly 2 weeks ago our son’s truck was stolen and I did what I always do when a high stress situation arises.  I pray and focus on how to fix it.  But when I focus on how to fix it, I tend to hyper focus and try to solve it ALL.BY.MYSELF.  And then I become overwhelmed by trying to be everything to everyone and I break.  My husband saw it coming last week but wasn’t sure how to prevent me breaking because I continued to tell myself and everyone else that I was handling everything just fine.  I mean, it was just a material thing.  My son was safe and alive.  Both of my sons are safe and alive and healthy and happy.  So, why was I letting this material loss affect me this way?  After a week of dealing with three police departments and two insurance companies, I had reached the end of what I could do and was beyond the limit of what I could handle.  We were both frustrated and angry with the insurance companies and the thieves.  We took that frustration and turned it toward one another.  Was it wrong?  Absolutely.  We had to get to the point of apologizing to one another to be able to extend grace to one another.  And in extending grace to me, my husband managed to hit my reset button.

I’m usually a fairly optimistic person.  Last week, I couldn’t see the sunshine for the lack of rain.  I couldn’t see the love and prayers of others for the evil in the world.  It was a dark week for me.  I didn’t like myself. I would wake up in the morning, pray that my attitude would be better and yet by noon each day my attitude was more putrid than the skunk our dogs encountered this weekend.  Mike saw it, heard it and recognized it for what it was.

He took me away – away from home, away from the lack of a truck, away from all the stress.  We spent 16 hours driving to and from Norfolk, NE to spend a two or three hours looking at cattle, visiting with old friends and an hour or so getting some supper.  We discussed EVERYTHING under the sun.  We put the truck and that situation on the back burner for the day.  We listed to music, we talked politics, we talked Christianity, we talked about hopes and dreams for our future and the futures of our sons.  It felt very much like we were a younger version of ourselves.  And we hit the reset button on our attitudes.

I found my groove again this week.  Life is not so overwhelming.  Yes, we’re still missing the truck.  Yes, Chris is gone to another show working with another family.  Yes, there are still life changing decisions to be made and difficult people to deal with.  But, Christ is still in heaven interceding on our behalf.  He has shown Himself faithful to our family and we continue to see His hand in our lives.  And He helps us to help each other hit the reset button every now and then.  And that is a very, very good thing.


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