What I have learned in the last 4 days…….

  1.  I am forever thankful for the blessings God has bestowed upon me and my family.  We live an abundant life…..abundant highs and abundant lows and well, just abundant.
  2. The love of our family and friends cannot be beat and seems to have no end.  We have gotten so many messages, calls and emails and so much help from friends and family this fall it’s mind boggling.
  3. Now we get down to the stuff I wish I didn’t have to learn.  One, when you go to a big city, you really do need full coverage insurance on your vehicle or you should use someone’s vehicle that does have full coverage.  The rest of these lessons may not have needed to be learned if we knew that one.
  4. In the big city, you really are just a crime statistic unless you make enough racket to prove you’re not willing to be one.
  5. Some officers who work desk duty really don’t give a crap.  Especially the one I talked to this weekend.
  6. Some detectives will give a crap when you push and make enough racket – like the one I talked to today.
  7. We’re 4 days out from the theft of Chris’s truck and were told the police department is so overworked they’ve not had the time to go pick up the video footage from the hotel yet…..would I mind sending them the pictures we had?
  8. Chris’s truck was #175 of stolen Ford F250’s in Kansas City North’s patrol area this year.
  9. 1999 to 2006 Ford F250’s are well built, thus the theft market for them to be used in the commission of other crimes such as smash and grabs with buildings and ATMs.
  10. I now have been assigned a detective in the KC North Department to work with on this case.
  11. I have also been assigned a MO State Highway Patrolman thru the Rural Crimes Investigative Unit.
  12. When your truck is stolen and you suggest they cancel your insurance, there’s a problem.  If you cancel your insurance, when you get another vehicle they will raise your rates for having a lapse in coverage.  Read that again.  I asked if logic just went out the window at this point and was told, “Yes, pretty much.”
  13. Beating my head against a brick wall might cause fewer headaches.
  14. I should buy stock in Excedrine Migraine……..You might see a rise in their stock prices soon.
  15. Through it all, God is walking with us and is trying to build patience in me.

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