Open letter to the woman who stole my son’s truck – Updated with pictures

I’ve given myself a couple of days to write this and while I doubt you’ll ever see it, maybe someone else who thinks your lifestyle of stealing is cool with think twice.

Friday morning when my son, Chris, got up to go work at fitting cattle for the Maine Anjou show at the American Royal, he discovered you had broken into his truck and stolen it.  He had done all the right things to prevent someone from stealing it (older farm truck, parked in a lot with a lot of new vehicles in the same well-lit and video surveillanced lot).  He was off the farm working for others trying to earn a little extra income since the crops this year sure weren’t enough to support him through the coming year.  Oh, but you don’t care about that, do you.  You just saw this truck in the lot and thought, “I could get some cash out of scrapping that.  I should take it.”  Or maybe you didn’t even put that much thought into it.  You came in a very new Ford dually and dressed in clothes that were certainly more expensive than Chris’s $20 Wranglers.  You may have assumed he’d just turn it into his insurance and get a new truck that you could steal next year.  Wrong.  Because as a young 20’s man, the insurance rates are so exorbanate that he only carried liability insurance on it.  So you just stole a $13,000 vital piece of equipment from a man who works EVERY DAY to produce food for you and 154 other people.  So think about that the next time you complain about the cost of beef, the cost of anything at the grocery store really.  Do you realize it’ll take 10 fat calves to replace the cost of your actions?  Do you care?

I am thankful Chris didn’t walk out of the room for an early day at the show.  If the show had been at 8 am, he and his buddies may have walked up on you stealing the truck.  With your obvious lack of morals, I shudder to think of what may have happened.  A truck can eventually be replaced, but our son could not be replaced.

chris truck

I have one last little tidbit.  We have pictures of you and your truck and video of you and the guy with you stealing the truck…..30 minutes of video should hold up in court once we track you down.  And something you should know about farmers and ranchers in America…..we will track you down.  We will plaster your face everywhere and we will be a thorn in the North Kansas City Police Department’s side until we get you arrested.  We are Christians and we will forgive you, but your actions have consequences and they will come.  Chris would gladly take your shiny new dually as compensation for his truck.


Momma B – one hacked off momma who’s ready to do the discipline your own momma should’ve done years ago.

UPDATE:  After getting a credible lead and calling the Kansas City North Police Department and having them ask what I wanted them to do with that info and having them not interested in helping us, I am now sharing the pictures of the woman who drove off with the truck and the truck they used to steal Chris’s truck.  The truck was spotted on 350 heading NW  in Raymore MO on the back of a towing company’s car hauler.  Social media friends, you are very appreciated – thanks so much for sharing and helping us.  MO Highway Patrol is now on the look out for it, too!

truck in theft woman who stole

10 thoughts on “Open letter to the woman who stole my son’s truck – Updated with pictures

  1. Pictures of her, her pick-up, and her accomplice should be here! We farm folks will share them rapidly and gladly! Your letter was well written and right to the point. Thank goodness they did not come out and find them stealing the pick-up. People like that have no morals and no conscience; no regard for human life. Even if you never see your truck again, you have your son and his friends. Karma really can be a bitch, and it will come around to that pair in one way or another.


  2. our truck was stolen in august from our front yard, my husband also works damn hard for his money not a farmer but works in ND busting his but for a living,sometimes up for days to move rigs for the big guys, but are truck was located in Lee Summit in shed stripped down to frame, very dis heartening, cause we don’t have money to replace it either and had just redone motor and body,had full coverage but sure don’t touch the dollars we put in it, we haven’t heard anything from police department on it, we even drove over to location it was found, this has got to stop to many thefts of trucks not to get someone doing it ours was a ford f250 2002 guess some have no idea how hard some work for what they have, so sorry for your loss it just stinks!!!!


  3. I’m a city boy now, but grew up on a farm in Winfield ks. No stranger to hard work myself. I hope you and yours find a somewhat happy ending here. Maybe start a gofundme page? Raise money for a new truck or reward money…. Just a thought.


  4. Isn’t that a tag in the rear window? Also it looks like she is checking into a hotel so why aren’t the police looking at check in registration information?


  5. With Jr. Nationals underway, it reminded me of our neighbor’s theft of their generator our of the back of their truck in Louisville a couple years ago. Everyone please be cautious and vigilant of your surroundings and please look out for one another. Has there been any break in the case regarding your son’s truck?


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