Pastor Appreciation

pastor appreciation

Yes, I realize this is the last week of October and therefore the last week for Pastor Appreciation month.  Our family has been blessed with some tremendous pastors over the years and currently, we are blessed to have 3, yes 3, amazing pastors at the church plant we’ve begun attending.  They have a vision for reaching everyone in our county and beyond for Christ.  Let me tell you a little about our family’s view of each of them.

Jeff has been the senior pastor, first at First Baptist and now at Genesis Church, for a few years now.  Jeff is a southern man with a blue-collar background.  Sound familiar?  I believe that’s why God called him to serve here in Mexico, MO.  Jeff is a student of God’s word and works diligently to translate what the Bible says to our everyday lives.  He is passionate about leading people to Christ and his family.  He admits his flaws and works on turning them into something God can use.  Nothing can bring a smile to my face faster than a greeting from Jeff’s wife, Pam.  Her sense of humor and loving spirit shine through.  We are thankful God led him and his family here and love his honesty and down to earth approach to his position.

Ben came to Mexico when Chris was going into the 8th grade.  I cannot tell you how thankful we are for Ben and his wife, Peggy.  Ben and Peggy came to Mexico as a young married couple with a heart for youth.  They now have 3 of the most adorable little girls (yes, Ben, even when they may be a bit dramatic).  God has shown Himself faithful and powerful through Ben and Peggy.  They are the ones who started taking our youth to North Dakota on mission trips each summer.  They’ve taken a lot of harassment from us over the years, but because of their heart for missions and young people, we will soon have a daughter-in-law!  Ben has a way of teaching even difficult Biblical concepts to teens that is awe-inspiring.  Peggy lead one of the women’s small groups I’ve been in and is a great leader too.  She’s on a bit of break right now due to having an early elementary aged daughter, a 2-year-old and a soon to be one year old.  Ben and Peggy have seen us through the loss of Mike’s sister 8 1/2 years ago and more recently the loss of some dear friends’ son.  We always know if we ask the to pray, they will be storming heaven’s gates on our behalf.

Chris and Sarah are the youngest of our pastors.  They’re nearly young enough to be our children.  Yes, it makes me feel old at times.  When Chris is leading worship or he and Sarah are serving with the children of our church, you see such a passion and love of Christ!  It’s one thing to be musically talented, but it’s gift when you watch those talents being used to lead a congregation to worship their Lord and Savior.  Chris and Sarah have an adorable little boy who will be a year soon also.  The small group that we were all in had a population explosion last year.  There were 5 little ones born out of that group in about 9 months.  Considering there were only 11 of us it was getting a little dangerous!  Sarah is amazing with her little boy and is dedicated to caring for and leading the children she babysits to loving God.

I know I’m not good at patting these guys on the back or offering much encouragement but I really do appreciate all they do for our community.  I know they often hear more complaints than compliments.  Pastoring is much like parenting… do the best you can and it’s years before you know the results of your efforts.  Thank you all, for all you say, all you do and all you are.

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