25 years

25 years.  It can be a lifetime or a blink of an eye.  For me, it’s been both.

25 years ago I was busy blowing up balloons and using them for centerpieces on tables.  I was hoping the day would clear off and yet not get too hot and humid.  I was looking around my room and our house, realizing the place I had called home since I was 4 would no longer be MY home.  I was talking and laughing with 3 young women who would stand by my side that day.

25 years ago Mike had all the crops in the ground, washed his Mustang with one of his nephews and packed me an overnight bag.  Take a moment to note this is likely the last time I asked him to pack for me.  We had moved all of my stuff to the house we were renting the week prior and I forgot to keep enough clothes at my parents’ house.

I can’t tell you what we had for breakfast or lunch.  Really can’t even remember what time the wedding was.  I think it was early evening as we had a buffet style supper.  I can’t tell you any of the little glitches that occurred that day.

I can tell you I knew my Daddy was nervous/emotional because he blew a gasket when the little helium tank we bought at Orschlen’s ran out of helium after about 50 balloons.  I can tell you Mom was running around trying to make sure everything was perfect.  I can tell you that while I was very much a control freak at that time, I really didn’t care about the details that day.  The only detail that mattered was at the end of the day, I would be married to the man God created for me.

I am so very thankful that God has blessed us with 25 years together so far.  A lot of couples don’t get to celebrate 25 years.  Some to death, some to divorce.  It is a blessing.  A blessing to look into the same eyes that were there at the alter 25 years ago; to hear the same voice that said “I do forever”; to see the same smile as the one that broke out as he and his groomsmen checked out the stopwatch; to feel the same love that is now coupled with a steadfast commitment that we couldn’t have fathomed then.

Happy anniversary, Mike.  Love you now and forever.


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