There’s this girl

and honestly, it’s not just our son’s heart that she’s captured but all of ours. In a little over a year, Brittany will become our daughter-in-law and we couldn’t be happier. She’s taught us what it’s like to have another female around and it’s kind of nice. 

This coming Saturday Brittany will graduate with her nursing degree and will quickly move into a position at our local hospital. She is an amazingly intelligent and caring woman. This week she has spent a great deal of time helping her family take care of her Grandpa. He’s in the end stages of life and likely won’t be here to see her graduate. She’s been a blessing to all of her family through it all. 

She loves little children and will be an amazing mom some day. Her mom taught her well. 

She really has adjusted to and has come to love our ag way of life. She jumps right in and does whatever is asked of her around the farm she’s seen us all at our best and worst and still sticks around!  

But you wanna know the most important trait Brittany exhibits?  Her love for God!  She relys on her faith in the tough times and rejoices in her faith in the good times. She prays earnestly and seeks out God’s will for her life. 

And we’re blessed that we get to call her our daughter-in-law.  


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