Where did I find this friend?

Today is a good friend’s birthday.  She and I really only get to see each other during the show calf season and until  just a few years ago I didn’t even know her.  Happy birthday, Marti!

Marti and I met when my sons were hired to fit her son’s steer.  That first day at the MO Cattlemen’s Show in Sedalia in 2012 I was fairly certain she and I would get along.  She was, and still is, outspoken.  She is fiercely loyal to her family and friends.  Marti cracks me up.  She gets wound up and tries so very hard to wind up our sons too.  Chris and Jesse have gotten so used to her that even when she yells “There’s my sexy Bastian boys” it doesn’t even phase them…..even at the State Fair.

I’m so thankful she and Keith hired Chris and Jesse to fit Austin’s steer that year and each year since.  By doing that, we’ve gained a whole family of friends.  All of the Thomas’s have welcomed us into their circle, even though I won’t quit my job to teach Austin & Conner.  I’m thankful that Marti is there for our family and knows she can count on us in times of need.  Happy birthday, Marti!  Hope it’s an amazing one.  The boys will have to buy you some DQ ice cream this weekend.



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