National Ag Week

I’m sure if you’re involved in agriculture you’ve heard that this is national ag week.  If not, SURPRISE!  I guess we started off the week a bit early and started celebrating Saturday at the MU AGR Classic Heifer Show.  Jesse did well in the show and the three guys had a big day showing and fitting.  We got an emergency call near the end of the show from Mike’s Dad saying that we had a cow having calving difficulties.  Mike left after Jesse showed his Simmi Solution heifer and headed back to see what he could do to help.  Turns out they were doing a c-section on the cow because she just was not contracting enough to deliver the calf.  Chris, Jesse, Brittany and I stayed at the show.  Jesse finished showing, they washed the heifers and loaded the trailer while I had an MCCA (MO Club Calf Assoc.) meeting.  We tore out of Sedalia and headed home.  Thankfully God was watching over us as there were several drivers not paying attention that nearly caused accidents involving us. We got home and figured out the new calf hadn’t sucked and momma really didn’t like him yet.  I get it.  She’d been in labor (even if it wasn’t a good labor), had surgery and had a shot meant to make her contract so she would pass the afterbirth.  I probably would’ve been a bit testy too!  Mike and I ordered pizza for supper and went to get a pack of colostrum from his Dad’s place.  The pizza place actually called to make sure we didn’t forget we ordered pizza.  I have to say that’s the first time that’s ever happened and trust me, after not eating since breakfast and it was now 8:30 pm, we hadn’t forgotten about food.  We got home, ate and Mike went out to feed the calf.  While he was out there one of the show heifers busted into the barn (she had come in heat during the show).  While he was chasing her back out to her pen, the c-section cow laid down, kicked the barn wall a few times and finally passed the placenta.  Mike said she looked visibly better and was more interested in her baby then.  Makes sense, right?  Her pain levels were going down and she could focus a bit more on her baby.

DSC_0092    DSC_0004 DSC_0065

Sunday the younger generation went back and fit more market animals while Mike & I stayed home to take care of stuff.  We also BOTH made it to Sunday school & Church!  It’s been a few weeks since that’s happened due to a bunch of stuff.  After church we had a short amount of time to relax then went out to clean up the old silage, get new silage, take pictures of a house I have listed, check cows and calves, do chores and fix a good steak dinner for everyone.  All in all, it was a nearly perfect Sunday.  We did have one calf that was sickly and discovered one cow who isn’t tolerating the silage very well.  I had the chance to take the camera out and get some spring pictures.

DSC_0080 DSC_0081 DSC_0095 DSC_0151 DSC_0154 DSC_0156 DSC_0161 DSC_0170

So, there you have it, the beginning of National Ag Week at Bastian Show Calves.  We’ll see if I can get you an update before the week’s out.  Today, Chris helped collect semen on a bull, tomorrow Jesse is going to a vaccine and wormer meeting, Wednesday I’m helping judge an FFA contest.  Looks like we’ll be celebrating a lot.

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