What’s on the TV?


Back in March of this year, we disconnected our satelite.  We were, quite simply, tired of paying nearly $100 a month for the few channels we watched.  Now we have 4 local channels (ABC, CBS, NBC and a local Fox) along with a few PBS channels.  We’ve been blessed with a Netflix subscription and we’ve purchased a Hulu subscription but there are times, like tonight, that I can’t find what I’d like to watch.  So tonight I broke out the DVD set I treated myself to this fall.  The Last American Cowboy was  series our family watched on the Animal Channel about 4 or 5 years ago.  Mike walked in while I was watching part of it and commented that he’s seen some of this.  “Yes, yes we have.”  “I don’t know why you’d let a film crew follow you around doing all that.”  Ahh….and there it is……that whole socialization thing.

We homeschooled our boys from the time they were 7 & 9.  They would turn 8 & 10 about a month after we started homeshooling.  And from day one the #1 question people asked is “What do you do about socialization?  How will the boys know how to get along in the world?”  Please know that I understand those concerns.  But also know that our sons have not been sheltered from others.  They were always active in 4-H and later FFA.  They were active in church.  They were active in sports through the YMCA programs and homeschool association programs.  They were SOCIAL.

Now our family may be a different story.  We’re not extremely social people.  We enjoy an occassional outing.  We enjoy occasionally having others over to our place.  BUT to say we are social is so incorrect it’s kind of funny.  So the thought of allowing others into our world on a daily and yes, even hourly, basis is not something we could ever entertain.  I admire the families in the Last American Cowboy series.  Not only because of thier jobs, but because of their willingness to be transparent with the rest of the world.  Sometimes, working with family can get UGLY.  Things are said, feelings are hurt, arguments happen.  And thankfully, we forgive and move forward and don’t have to watch it play out again on tape.

Could you allow someone to video your family for a week?  A month?  A season?  Or even a year?

One thought on “What’s on the TV?

  1. We have been considering getting rid of our Satellite too. We have the bare minimum but still is around $50 per month! Netflix is good. I don’t know if I could let someone film us I don’t think my hubs would go for it at all. But if I did, it would only be a week at the most! 🙂 Great post! Thanks for writing it!


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