Making me look more creative than I am….the Explore.

Last summer I had a project I wanted to get done with my Cricut Expression.  Only problem was it wouldn’t work.  My Cricut had died and I was late enough getting to the project that I had to come up with a replacement.  I went online and found the Cricut Explore, paid and had it shipped to me.  Little did I know just how much fun I would have with this machine.

Here’s a few pictures of my projects to date:

DSC_0090 No, I didn’t do the stall sign, but I did do the details for the signs for each calf.

away in a manger A wall decoration for our dining room this Christmas.  I like the simplicity of the burlap behind the words and picture.

StableThis was one of three silhouettes I did for my Sunday school kids as a reward for their memory verse during December.  I simply put each scene on a $1 plastic frame from Wal-Mart and slipped a piece of colored paper into the frame.  The kids likely won’t break them and they can use them for decorations in their own rooms.

This was our living room Christmas tree this year.  Our house seems to be overflowing with furniture this year so our big tree was relegated to the office.  I felt the need for a tree of some sort in the livingroom and decided this one fit.  I used the Cricut to cut out the names of former show heifers and a few calves for the ear tag ornaments and the balls.calf tree  ornamentsclub calf These are just a couple of the reserve breed plaques I did for the MO Club Calf Association this summer.  I love the look of the wood tiles!

favors j&b  wedding decsWedding decorations that I tried out today.  For the initials I think we’re going to cut some balsa wood in the same shapes and modge podge the cardstock ones to the wood ones.  The little cups were on clearance at our Wal-Mart after Christmas.  I filled them with unpopped popcorn just so the letters show up better.  The lettering is Jesse and Brittany’s monogram.  The ribbon isn’t the right color but it’s a starting point for ideas.  I also found a little tag we can personalize with the wedding date.

show fundHere’s the bank we made for a young man who purchased a heifer from us.  He reminds me so much of our boys at his age, it’s a little frightening.

signA sign I made for a fellow cattlewoman, blogger and friend.

stockingsOur stockings.  A friend and fellow farm mom stitched them up out of some of the guys’ old jeans a couple of years ago.  I finally got around to putting names on them this year.

trayThis started out as a $1 tray in the Halloween section of Wal-Mart this fall.  A couple of vinyl cuts and I have something to display all summer and fall that reminds me just Who is in control.

wall words I couldn’t figure out what phrase I wanted on the wall with our cattle pictures until I came across this verse from Matthew 6:21.

I’ve also done a few chargers for family members, some red solo cups for some friends and a few other projects that I seem to have lost track of.  Guess I really should start cataloging these.  Or at least keep a list of ideas to do so that maybe I’ll remember.

Do you have a favorite project you’ve seen or done with a cutter?  Want to share a picture or your idea?

Feel free to leave a comment. As this is a personal blog, it may be a few days before I can respond. Keep it clean and play nice or it won't show up.

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