How’d that happen?

This Christmas season brought many celebrations and surprises.  We celebrated at various family gatherings from the 24th of December through the 4th of January!  During that time we had 3 Christmas celebrations, a bridal shower, a birthday party and an engagement to celebrate.  Quite a bit to pack into an 11 day period.  I only worked one day during that time and it was a good thing that’s all I worked.  Keeping my head above water became the challenge.

I sat at my parents’ Christmas celebration and looked around at all the grown nieces and nephews and their children.  Some of them have kids in elementary school now and the youngest member of the family will soon be 2.  How’d that happen?  I distinctly remember Mike’s first Christmas with our family.  I had 4 nieces and nephews with another niece to join the ranks the following February with the oldest being 6.  One nephew had been born just days earlier.  All of those who were there are now adults – three of them are married and two have children of their own.  How’d that happen?

Then we had a Christmas celebration at our house and I sat in awe of the men my sons have become and at the wonderful young woman that Jesse brought into our lives 4 years ago and once again I found myself wondering, “How’d that happen?”

A couple of days later, on Brittany’s birthday, Jesse proposed.  We were told the next day and Mike and I both wondered how it happened that we were old enough for our baby boy to be engaged.  We are thrilled for them to move on to the next phase in life.  Thankfully they’re setting a date far enough in the future for all of us to figure out “How’d that happen?”.

At my in-laws’ Christmas celebration we watched generational behaviors continue on.  My father-in-law was sitting and laughing, remembering when children (who are now adults) behaved just as their children are now behaving.  We didn’t have to ask how’d that happen – it answered itself.

It was a wonderful season spent in reflection.  And now we’re on to the next season, looking forward to a lot of good things heading our way.  Calving season will start in the next few weeks, wedding planning is in full swing, garden planning will soon begin, show season planning has begun.  The days are getting longer and it’s a good thing – we’re going to need the extra time to get it all together!

Anticipating life,


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