Christmas in the Country

I have a good blogging friend who invited me (or may harassed me) to participate in the Christmas in the Country Gift Exchange.  I figured when I signed up I would have plenty of time to figure out what my person would like, what I could make and/or find and get it mailed early.  Ahhhh……for the days that I could plan on that and make it actually happen.  I got my package in the mail on the deadline day at about 11 am.  I packed it up at the post office while waiting in line.  I am so bad.  I should take a minute now to apologize to Tracy Zeorian about now.  She was the recipient of my package.  Tracy hosts her blog over at  Check out her blog about her family’s custom wheat harvesting crew. My gifts came in the mail on the only Saturday that my husband and I had to do all our Christmas shopping and attend a wedding reception and go to a real estate auction appointment.  I got home at the end of a long day to this box that was packed like a clown car.  Every time I thought I’d reached the bottom of the box, there was more. never ending box Can you believe ALL that came in one box? colander with potpourri scarf, pins and cardsscrabble tiles tray and ornaments Jacky Luetschwager from Ringle, Wisconsin got my name for the exchange.  She is such a wonderful and talented woman.  She runs Town Hall Trinkets and Dicky Bird’s Nest there in Ringle.  These are samples of her work and the type of items she has available at her antique shop.  I love all the gifts!  I hung the quilted banner in my dining room above the window and put the tray on display on our side table in the dining room also.   The scrabble tiles are wonderful little paper weights or reminders for me to refocus on what’s important in my life.  I’ve used the colander and potpourri nearly every day while the ornaments are proudly displayed on the tree.  And the scarf, quite simply, is beautiful! I very much enjoyed the Christmas in the County exchange this year and look forward to participating in it again next year. Merry Christmas my country friends.

6 thoughts on “Christmas in the Country

  1. The scrabble paper weights are really fun! I like the colander and potpourri idea too. It’s neat to see what other gals come up with for crafty ideas.

    Thank You for joining the 2nd Christmas in the Country gift exchange.


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