5 Christmas Crafts I’m Working On

Tomorrow is the first day of Advent.  You know Advent, the four weeks leading up to the birth of Christ.  I teach 4 to 6 year olds at our church and I really enjoy teaching the true Christmas story to them.  Today I stayed home while Mike and Chris went to a cattle sale and Jesse and Brittany attended another family Thanksgiving celebration.  I decided to work on some Advent gifts for my Sunday school kids, some ornaments for a tree that’s going upstairs, a picture for our dining room besides getting some additional ideas.

Here are 5 of the Christmas crafts I’m working on:

1.  Calf ornaments.  I decided to do a show calf tree in our upstairs room.  It’s a white/silver tree and so I thought these ornaments would look good on it along with a few ribbons.  I’ll have to post a finished picture when I get it put together.  I used the Cricut Explore to cut out the calves.

calf ornaments

2.  Nativity scenes on a plastic frame for my Sunday school kids.  Each week when the kids say their memory verse I have some sort of prize for them.  I thought it would be neat for them to have their very own Nativity scene that they can put up where ever they would like.  This week we’ll start with Mary, Joseph & Jesus in the barn.  Next week we’ll add the Shepherds and the sheep.  The 3rd week we’ll add the Wise Men.  I’m not sure what we’ll add the 4th week.

StableShepherds 2 Wise Men

3.  My away in a manger wall hanging.  The original idea I saw had some straw in the bottom and a piece of wood patterned paper behind the vinyl cut outs.  I opted for burlap behind and no straw.

away in a manger

4.  I have plans for these last two but just haven’t gotten to them.  One is a series of ornaments based on the Nativity.

5.  A Christmas wreath.  I found some sprigs to put in it and am working on some “natural & rustic” designed elements to go on it.  Here’s hoping it turns out at least satisfactorily.

I really had hoped to get some Christmas decorating done today, but got side tracked working on the Cricut projects.  Maybe that will happen tomorrow since the temperature is supposed to drop about 20 degrees in 3 hours.  Will be a great day to work work inside and cook some nice hot soup.

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