5 Preparations for Christmas

Thanksgiving is done.  It’s been a big day of celebrating with family.  I’m wearing out quickly and it’s nearly bedtime.  Therefore, this is going to be a short & quick post.  I’ve been up for 16 hours now with just 5 hours of sleep last night.  The brain isn’t functioning real great now.  Today I’m going to lay out 5 preparations for our Christmas.

1.  Decorate the wreath that I got for the peak on our porch.  I’ve always wanted to do something up there and may just have a thought of how to fit it up to be a bit festive.

2.  Christmas trees.  I believe we’re going to put up our big tree in the office this year because of how we have the furniture arranged.  Then, I’ve found a skinny tree that I really like to put in a small spot in our living room.  I believe our living room tree will have burlap decorations.

3.  Christmas village.  Above our windows in the living room will be decorated with part of my Christmas village.

4.  Nativity scenes.  I have a couple now.  One was from Mike’s sister and one was gifted to us on our first married Christmas.

5.  A few special sayings cut out on the Cricut.  I’m looking forward to using the Cricut to decorate with this year.


1.  The love for cattle that Mike’s oldest great niece shows.  Charlotte is always asking to come over to our place to see and help feed the calves.

DSC_0007 DSC_0011

2.  The toys we saved from when the boys were little.  The great nieces and nephews LOVE them now!

3.  Family who pitch in and help get a meal together and help clean up after.

4.  Pinterest.  So very nice to have a place to stick a variety of things I want to find again.

5.  Time.  Seven years ago Thanksgiving was not a happy time.  I’m so glad for all the work Christ has done in our families lives during those 7 years.

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