5 Things I Quite Simply Don’t Understand

It’s been a Monday today.  And a Monday of a holiday week at that.  Started off the day wiping out when I was hustling back in the house to retrieve a forgotten item.  The landscaping timbers in front of the porch were a tad slick and my feet went out from under me.  I thought for sure I had broken a finger or a wrist and knew my knees would be sore the rest of the day.  I avoided the stairs at work for the most part.  I had about half a dozen little projects to knock out this morning.  They really shouldn’t have taken me all morning, but with interruptions and changes needing to be made, they did.  I was hoping one agent would come up with some details for me to work on this afternoon, but that didn’t happen.  By the way, in case you didn’t know, I was born and raised and still live in Missouri.  Yeah, the Missouri that’s been in the news due to a town called Ferguson near St. Louis.  And those facts led me to this post…..5 things I quite simply don’t understand.

1.  Laziness.  How in the world some people survive in this world being as lazy as they are.  If someone else can’t/won’t do it for them, it won’t get done.  I was raised with a work ethic that comes from rural Missouri.  You work hard, do it right and go on to the next job.  There is no time for whining or complaining.

2.  Racism.  I was not raised in a culturally diverse community.  There was one black girl and one boy who was bi-racial in my elementary school.  They didn’t call themselves African Americans and we didn’t treat them any differently based on the color of their skin.  You see, they were our friends.  Simple enough.  We judged people on what they were on the inside – not on the color of their skin.

3.  Attitude of Entitlement.  We were raised to believe that you worked for what you got.  You put in a solid 40 hour week for a paycheck and were thankful for the pay we earned.  There are a lot of people in the world today that believe someone owes them.  Our government encourages such behavior and many get caught in the generational momentum of it.  Had my parents not taught me to work for what I wanted and needed in life, I don’t know that I would have been any different.

4.  Living Above Your Means.  Mike and I actually did live above our means the first Christmas we were married.  We had just gotten a credit card and put all of Christmas on that.  We quickly learned that  it’s not so much fun to have to pay off that debt!  Never again have we had a credit card. We’ve learned how to make it work in years of lean and enjoyed the surplus in years of plenty, but we always stay within our means.  We don’t feel the need to keep up with others.

5.  Arrogance.  Yes, we’re all good at something and we all have our flaws.  The only purpose arrogance serves is to make others feel badly about themselves.  Why?  I just don’t think that’s something worthy of my time or energy.


1.  Cedar wood.  If you’ve seen my house you understand.  Cedar ceilings in 2 rooms, a cedar counter top, 2 cedar benches, a cedar chest and a cedar blanket box.  I love cedar and its scent.

2.  Christmas.  The simple fact that my Savior left Heaven to come to earth to save me just gets me.

3.  Good friends who support me and trust me.

4.  I’m thankful that Mike got 3 more pictures hung yesterday in our living room and the heat register installed after just 5 years in our house.

5.  The amazing work God has accomplished in my family over the years.  I was recently reminded of all the amazing things He has done for us and through us.  I am grateful!

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