5 Acts of Service You Can Do This Week

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned just how thankful I am for our church family.  Today, I called an audible on our Sunday school lesson and I’m pretty sure the kids didn’t even realize it.  We went with the theme of Thanksgiving out of Nehemiah.  You see, in Nehemiah 8, Ezra was reading from the book of the Law of Moses.  The people were upset at the fact they were behaving so differently than what God asked of them.  When Ezra saw how depressed the people were becoming he decided to call for a week of Thanksgiving of all the good things God has for us.  Well, that’s the simplified version in the kids Bible.  We talked about repenting and asking for forgiveness and how much joy there is in obeying God.  Good news – the kids could see the Good News of Jesus and His love for us in the story.  Bad news – they thought we were going to have a week long party.  Thankfully the pastor didn’t hear this story because he could’ve preached ALL DAY LONG for his part.  Just teasing, Jeff.

Anyway, our sermon today was on Sacrificial Service.  We are covering each of our churches 10 core values in this sermon series.  If you want to catch up on it click this link:  http://fbcmexico.com/messages/ and click on the one you want to hear.  So, that got me thinking.  What are 5 acts of service any of us could do this week?

1.  Offer to pick up groceries for a family member, friend or neighbor when you’re headed to the store or when you’re going through town.

2.  Offer to help out a mom with little ones by keeping her kids for a couple of hours.  Doesn’t matter if she needs to go somewhere or if she just really needs a nap.

3.  If Thanksgiving is being hosted at your house and you’re NOT the hostess, keep your personal space neat and pick up after yourself.  I promise that one will be much appreciated.

4.  Share your Thanksgiving with someone who has no place to go and no family to celebrate with.  Personally, this has been a year of blessing as farmers for us.  We should reach out to those who are struggling this year be it financially or emotionally.

5.  Use whatever gift or talent God has blessed you with to the benefit of others.  Good at baking?  Make and deliver a pie or treats to a shut in.  Good at writing?  Write a short story or poem to share.  Musical?  What soothes the soul better than music?  Mechanical or handy?  Help someone who can’t afford to pay you.  The thanks will be more valuable than any monetary amount could be.


1.  The rain.  I know it makes it a bit dreary out, but it’s working to fill our newly dug pond.

2.  The new laptop.  The old one died and wow is the new one fast.

3.  Window cleaner.

4.  Pinterest.  Where ever did I find ideas and recipes before?

5.  Advent.  Advent starts next week and I’m SO excited.  Getting to see Christmas through the eyes of the kids in my Sunday school class makes Advent so much more special.  I love planning for the whole month, decorating the room and building their anticipation for the coming of Christ.

One thought on “5 Acts of Service You Can Do This Week

  1. Awesome! I’ll be posting this to our page as well if it’s OK. Some great application here! By the way, audibles are OK in Kids’ Ministry. Usually 🙂 You’re one of the people I trust to call them!


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