5 Things Discovered While Cleaning Today

In case you didn’t realize it, Thanksgiving is coming up this week.  I’m sure that’s a shocker to all of you!  So, since I spent yesterday helping Mike around the farm, today was cleaning day.  It was also cooking day for the turkeys we volunteered to bring to the community Thanksgiving lunch our church sponsors Thursday.  I roasted one turkey and brined & am smoking the other one as I type.    Mike, Jesse and Brittany spent about 4 hours cleaning our garage.  We USE our garage on a regular basis.  It’s our mud room, vet supply room, pantry, shop, etc….  I spent nearly 6 hours working on our office.  Our office has become a storage room.  I keep saying I’m going to keep it neater, I’m going to stay organized.  Reality is that it’s a place to stick stuff so the rest of the house appears neater.  So, today we cleaned.  And we discovered a few things.

1.  When left alone, I’m very good at purging things.  I think I carried 6 bags and 2 boxes of trash out of the office alone and had a box to donate to our local resale shop run by the mentally/physically disabled individuals of our community.

2.  When Mike decides to do something, there’s no stopping him.  He found a shelf in the garage that wasn’t being utilized to its potential and decided it would be better utilized as a vet supply shelf.  It fits over the top of the mini fridge in the garage.  He cut some boards to fit so it’s solid and strapped it to the wall with a conduit strap.  Now I have more room on the pantry shelves for food and bigger cooking appliances.

3.  The judging materials the boys used when they competed in Denver as the representatives for Missouri 4-H.  A good friend of ours is competing in FFA this year and was wanting some help.  I’ve got 2 judging CD’s and 2 notebooks for him.

4.  A promotional piece from the American Chi Association from the early 90’s.  I had to chuckle at how much different the calves look compared to what a Chi looks like now.  We were still promoting the lean beef of the Chi cattle at that point.

5.  Christmas decorations that I bought last year on clearance.  I did good.  Just glad I found them before Christmas and not after.


1.  Safe travels for my family.

2.  A willingness to work together for a common goal.

3.  Our health.  We are blessed to have good health.

4.  A clean garage.

5.  A clean office.

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