5 Things About My Husband

Today I want to focus on the most important person in my life, my husband.  God blessed me beyond measure when He put Mike in my life in 1987.


1.  Mike is a multi-talented guy.  Obviously he knows cattle, knows mechanical stuff, knows farming.  He is also an amazing artist who can draw pretty much anything he sees.  He has a vision for taking raw materials and turning them into something real and beautiful.  He has musical ability.  He has a bit of a theatrical side.

2.  Mike is an amazing dad.  Our sons KNOW their dad loves them and wants the best for them.  He has always made the time to show them and tell them how important they are to him.  They share inside jokes and weird movie quotes.  They work together fitting cattle and repairing equipment.  He prays for them and supports them – ALWAYS.

3.  Mike has a servant’s heart.  He doesn’t need to be the one in the spotlight.  He prefers to work behind the scenes to make things right.  At our church, he serves on the AV team running the projection screen.  No one even thinks about him and his service unless there’s a problem.  He’s a quiet servant who just wants the job done well – not wanting the attention or accolades.

4.  Mike is highly intelligent.  He can learn pretty much anything he sets his mind to in order to accomplish whatever task he needs.  He’s a well informed citizen who keeps up on current affairs and political events.  He looks for ways to improve himself often.

5.  Mike is the love of my life.  We met when I was 16 and he was 19, married at 19 and 22, first baby at 21 and 24 and last baby at 23 and 25.  We lived a lot of life in those first 7 years but didn’t have any idea what the following 20 years would hold.  I knew from the first time I met Mike he was my other half.  He may not have realized that for some time, but I’m glad he eventually did.  We have been through births and deaths, richer and poorer, sickness and health.  I cannot imagine what my life may have been without Mike.  He was the one who encouraged and continues to encourage me to deepen my walk with Christ, pray more consistently and seek out ways to serve others.


1.  Peggy Schnipper.  Peggy is the wife of our youth pastor at church.  She has also served as our Bible Study leader for a while now.  Peggy is due to deliver their 3rd child any day now and is an encouragement to me.  She reminds me that God is faithful.  She is a soft spoken, gentle servant who has a heart for the youth in our community.

2.  Mary Russell.  Mary is the Nursery Coordinator in our church and a member of our Bible Study.  She is an encourager.  She looks out for the care and safety of the little kids in our church and serves without grumbling and complaining.  She works with the military school cadets at our church also.  She always has a positive word for the younger moms.

3.  Janet Williams.  Janet teaches the Kindergarten and 1st graders at our church.  Once the kids are done in my class they move upstairs to Miss Janet.  She also teaches Wednesday nights at Kid Glow (our children’s ministry) and helps out with the youth group.  Janet is an amazing sounding board that I can bounce ideas off of.  She’ll tell me if it’s a good idea or if I’m completely nuts.

4.  Weathermen.  Even though they’re often wrong, I’m thankful for them because what would we have to complain about with them?

5.  This blog.  I mean, really, where else can I type out my opinions and thoughts and not just be slammed for them on a regular basis.  I am who I am and you guys are so supportive.  Thanks so much.

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