5 Things I Love About November

We’re just going to get right at the heart of the matter today.  I have an extremely full day today so I’ve just gotta knock this out.

1.  Thanksgiving.  I LOVE Thanksgiving.  I love the time spent with family, the food, the relaxed atmosphere, the heritage and history behind it.

2.  The crispness in the air.  I’m more of a cool to cold weather person than a hot person.

3.  The sky at sunrise and sunset.  As I’m typing this the sky is rapidly changing out the dining room window from a gray to this beautiful blue to cream to deep yellow to orange with some hints of pink and purple in there.  BEAUTIFUL.

4.  Deer season.  The boys really enjoy hunting.  They started when they were little and Mike and my Dad would take them out.  Chris got a doe Saturday night before he left for Louisville so we’ll have some tasty treats out of that.

5.  The excitement building about Christmas.  I had a little boy who was in my Sunday school class last year come to my room this past Sunday and tell me there are only 39 days left until Christmas.  I visited with him a bit and asked what gift did he most want for Christmas.  He reminded me that Jesus is the bestest gift ever.  I love that kid.


1.  The young families in our church.

2.  The “grandparents” in our church.

3.  Our aunts and uncles.

4.  Carl Silver.  Today is Carl’s visitation.  He passed away on Friday.  I met Carl through his daughter, Jennifer.  I knew he had to be a good guy because he had an awesome daughter.  Carl and his brother, Gene, run a concrete company in town.  They poured the foundation for our house.  They worked around hurricane season to get the slab poured that fall.  Carl reminded me a lot of my dad and uncles.  He actually worked with several uncles at the Kaiser Brick Plant in Mexico for a time.  Carl was a fun guy who had high expectations of those around him.  You’ll be missed.

5.  Jennifer Silver.  Jennifer is Carl’s daughter.  We met in Sunday school at church.  We’ve been in book club and Bible study, Sunday school and kid’s ministry together. Jennifer is an amazing and multi-talented woman who teaches at our public high school.  She loves her students and takes them as her own.  She is like her dad in that she likes to have a good time, but she also has high expectations of her students.  I’m thankful I get to call her my friend.

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