5 Ways to Tell It’s Cold on the Farm

I’m going for easy today.  It’s late and I haven’t gotten around to posting yet.  I got up feeling less than spectacular and really haven’t accomplished much.  So, easy it is.

1.  The water hose MUST be drained after every watering or else it will be frozen.  I walked into the barn tonight and saw the hose still hooked up to the hydrant.  My heart sank.  I was quite certain I was going to be bucketing water to the various pens around the barn.  And boy, oh boy, was I praising God when it hadn’t frozen up.  We have 3 pens off the barn that do not have automatic waterers.  Those pens have a total of six 25 gallon water tubs.  I did not want to bucket 150 gallons of water tonight 5 or 10 gallons at a time.

2.  All the calves earn the nickname “Frosty”.  I don’t think I saw a calf tonight without snow or ice on his/her coat.  I know they have their winter coats now (thankfully) and this is just on the outer tips but it really does show up on these black cattle.

3. Hay consumption increases greatly.  It was just a couple of weeks ago that we weren’t even feeding hay to any of the pastures.  Now every pasture needs hay and the lots of calves are going through it much faster.  This is now adding about an hour to two hours worth of work each day.  Hay provides energy for the cows in our pastures and keeps the rumens in the calves in the lots functioning properly.

4.  The number of loads of colored clothes in the laundry room has at least doubled and some days it’s tripled.  As it gets colder, the guys simply add layers of clothes.  Now I have a tee shirt, a long sleeved button up shirt and a sweatshirt per person per day.

5.  I’m actually wearing coats and gloves.  I HATE wearing a coat.  If it’s above freezing, rarely do you catch me in a coat.  Now I’m finding myself putting on a coat AND a hoodie along with gloves.  It must be cold.


1.  Stupid shows that make us laugh.

2.  Journals of faithful prayer warriors.

3.  The deer that Chris shot last night.

4.  Restaurants that fix meals for us when we don’t feel like cooking for ourselves.

5.  Ground source heat pump.  We installed one when we built our house and haven’t regretted the decision once.

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