5 Things Food Banks Need But Don’t Ask For

I’m going to touch back on the food bank list again.  November and December are both high donation months and yet they are also high need months.  Today I’m looking at 5 things food banks need but don’t ask for.

1.  Spices.  You know as well as I do that spices are what makes food good.  BUT they are usually expensive and not a luxury you afford yourself when money is tight.  A donation of a bunch of spices would go a long way at the food bank to helping make an ok meal become a delicious meal.


2.  Toiletries for adults and babies.  Once again, these are higher ticket items that many don’t think about donating but are desperately needed.  Diapers, toilet paper, toothbrushes, etc. are all highly needed and desirable items.

3.  Canned meats and jerky.  Food banks often have a hard time meeting the protein needs of their clients.  These items meet those needs and are an often forgotten need.


4.  Crackers/Tortillas.  Everyone likes them.  They’re easy to use.  Lost cost meals often involve one or both of them.

5.  Soup packets.  You know the kind on the shelves at the store that say just add water.  Yeah, those.  They are wonderful for complete meals for an entire family at very little, if any, additional cost.

soup mix


1.  Biscuits and Gravy.  Good and filling breakfast.

2.  Jars.  I do love storing things in jars….just ask the boys.

3.  Feed and nutrition reps from animal health companies.  I appreciate them sharing their knowledge and information.

4.  Quiet dogs.

5.  Social media.  It allows me to connect with old friends, make new friends and get ideas and information.

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