5 Farm Kid Gifts

I found so many more than 5 farm kid gifts that it really makes it hard to narrow it down.

1.  PVC Pipe Building Kit.  http://amomwithalessonplan.com/pvc-pipe/ This is a do it yourself, fun to imagine kit.  Good idea for the kid who has lots of plans or ideas.


2.  This little farm blanket.  What little farmer wouldn’t LOVE having this blanket to farm on?

farm blanket

3.  These buildings and toys were always a favorite of our boys and now, when the little nieces and nephews come over they enjoy them too.  Consider these investment pieces.

farm toys

4.  A personalized water or wash bucket.  This could be a diy project with a vinyl cutter and a bucket from the local farm supply store.  This keeps buckets from walking away at shows, too.

show bucket

5.  A roping buddy.  We had a steer dummy head when the boys were little to practice roping.  That practice now pays off when Chris needs to rope a calf in the field.



1.  Reruns of old tv shows.  Our family enjoys several older shows that we can only get on classic tv stations or Netflix.

2.  Junior board members who are willing to work and help others.

3.  A church family that looks out for the needs of not only its members but also the community as a whole.

4.  Snow.  We had our first flurries yesterday.  It was beautiful and a sign that colder winter weather is here.

5.  Gloves.  We also worked some of our weaned calves yesterday.  Gloves were a necessity.  I believe it was 18 degrees when we started.

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