5 Favorite Pictures from the Summer Shows


Chris’s heifer’s, Bristol, back leg fit up before paint.  I really enjoy getting the pictures of the fitting jobs the guys do.  So much precision goes into making something look natural.


Close up view of Bristol’s tailhead.  If you’re not into showing cattle or even if you show and don’t fit, you might be surprised at just how important this part of the fit job is, especially in heifers.  Once again, it’s a matter of precision and attention to every detail.  I like the fact that in this picture you can see her tail head lines up perfectly with her poll (top of her head).

DSC_0158 - Copy

Jesse showing Barbara at the MO State Fair.  Jesse shows with an intensity that could be intimidating if others were paying attention to him and not their own calves.  From his expression in this picture, I get the feeling he’s almost challenging the judge to place him first.  “Come on, you know you want to use her.  Just do it.”  I also love this picture because you can see the little kids in the background soaking up the show, taking in all the lessons they can.


Chris leading Bristol to the show ring at the MO State Fair.  I’ll admit being a sucker for these shots of the kid and the calf walking away from me.  I’ve gotten many of them over the years but this one was a bit more special.  This was the end of a junior career.


The only thing that would’ve made this picture better is if you could see Austin behind Chris.  We were at a county fair and the kids were having quite a discussion about something.  The conversations had at cattle shows run the full range of topics.  Could have been political, theological, educational, agricultural.  Who knows?  What I do know is that during these conversations, they challenge one another.  Iron sharpening iron.

Thankfulness Posts

1.  The laundry service that cleans Jesse’s uniforms.  I’m sure I really don’t want that much grease and oil going through my washer.

2.  Delivery services like USPS, UPS and Fed Ex.  Mike ordered our fall vaccines on Monday and even though Tuesday was a holiday, there was a big box delivered and put in a safe place for us on Tuesday.

3.  Quilts.  We have several quilts that friends and family have lovingly made for the boys that are used on a regular basis.  We keep the house a little on the cool side because we all enjoy wrapping up in a quilt.

4.  Jerry Lehmann.  I’ve gotten to know Jerry through my town job.  He’s an auctioneer and has an abundance of personality.  He brightens a room with his laughter and always has a story for you.

5.  Encouraging words.  Sometimes at the end of a long day or week all you need is an encouraging word or two.