5 Favorite Appetizers

Tomorrow, at my town job, we are having a cook-off with 3 categories:  appetizers, soups and desserts.  I’m not sure what I’m making yet for the last two categories but I have figured out my appetizer.  I’ll only tell you it’s one of these 5.

1.  Jalapeno Poppers.

Halve jalapenos and remove seeds and stems.  BE SURE YOU WEAR GLOVES DURING THIS STEP.  Yes, I put that in all caps because you will be yelling and calling me bad names for not warning you if you don’t.  Trust me, I’ve been there and done that more than once.  And it really stinks when you wear contacts to have jalapeno oils on your hands.

Combine 8 oz cream cheese and a cup or so of cheddar or colby jack cheese.  Spoon filling into jalapenos.

Cut bacon so that its just long enough to wrap around your pepper in a spiral once.  Secure with a toothpick.

Lastly brush with a little Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce (no other sauce is considered acceptable in this house).

Bake in a 350 degree oven until the bacon is done.

One last note on these little devils.  I find using my stoneware pan makes them less hot.  Seems the metal pans don’t absorb the oil and it cooks back in to them.  Bake according to your heat desires.


2.  Bacon wrapped sausages

These are a quick and easy go to appetizer.  Take the little smokie sausages.  Wrap each in a piece of bacon.  Secure bacon with toothpick.  Sprinkle pan of smokies with brown sugar.  Bake at 350 until bacon is cooked.  Enjoy.

3.  BBQ wings.  I’ll admit to cheating here.  I guy them pre-made and just heat and eat.  If you’re a dedicated chef, I would suggest these from Pioneer Woman.  There’s not many of her recipes that aren’t just pure deliciousness.   http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2007/09/wings/

4.  Stuffed mushrooms.

I would easily make a meal of these….oh wait, I have.  I’ll admit to having a love affair with mushrooms.  I made these last year for Christmas Eve dinner.  They were a hit and I’m sure I’ll be making them again and again and again.  http://leftsideofthetable.com/2013/12/16/a-fabulous-holiday-appetizer-stuffed-mushrooms/


5.  Tortilla Pinwheels

These are another quick and easy go to recipe that tend to make an appearance every year at the boys’ New Year’s Eve party.  http://www.tastebook.com/recipes/324164-Tortilla-Pinwheels


So, there you go – five quick and easy appetizers that are tasty to boot.

Thankfulness Posts

1.  Sunsets.  The closing of each day brings the promise of a new day.  And my goodness, God surely paints some beautiful sunsets here in central Missouri.

2.  The faith of a child.  Yesterday’s Bible verse for my pre-K Sunday school class was “Ask and God will hear you.”  One of my kids said “Duh.  God hears EVERYTHING.”  If only adults could remember that.

3.  Coupons.  I love the opportunity to save a few bucks at the grocery store.

4.  Jewelry.  In the last couple of years I’ve taken up making necklaces and enjoy it.  Nothing fancy but a good creative outlet.

5.  Calendars.  They help me to keep track of what’s coming up for our family and they also serve as a reminder of what we’ve done in the past year.

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