5 Support Groups

I’ll admit it…today I have been struggling with blogger’s block.  The creativity was gone.  I messaged a group of blogging farm wives that have taken me in to their group and under their wings, honestly.  Little did I know while I was out helping Mike do the morning chores and planning the rest of my day, these ladies would give me enough ideas for just about the rest of the month.  In doing so, they gave me an additional idea.  5 groups of individuals that form my support system.

1.  The Farm Wife Support Group.  There are 7 of us from 2 neighboring states.  We are a varied lot, but all have our roots in agriculture.  There are times when other support systems don’t get why I dread February, how calves season brings out the absolute best and worst in me and how I can love and hate rain all within about a week’s time.  They encourage me to blog and keep blogging.  They encourage me to pray, to care and to interact.

2.  My Bible Study Women.  I’ve been with this group of ladies for about a year and a half now.  This group comes from different backgrounds, different generations and different family situations, but we all come together to study God’s word and how to apply it in our lives.  We’ve discussed everything from the Vietnam war to vacuum cleaners.  You never know who’s going to have the golden nugget of the conversation.

3.  My old Hearts at Home Group.  When our sons were little I went to a stay at home mom’s convention every year in Illinois.  It was a time for me to get away and try to better myself as a mom.  I still have an internet connection with many of them and even get to see one of them a couple of times a year. Over the years they’ve been a sounding board, an idea exchange and an encouraging group.

4.  Our 4-H Club.  We were the Mid MO Country Kids.  The name the kids really wanted was The Redneck Yacht Club, but none of us had a yacht and we were pretty sure calling ourselves Rednecks might not be politically correct.  The kids we worked with in the 4-H Beef project became “our” kids.  We still call them that.  There were 10 or 12 kids who really became good friends and we, as their parents, developed great relationships also.

5.  Our Show Cattle families.  We have been blessed to become good friends with several show cattle families.  We spend a lot of time with them for weeks at a time and then, all the sudden, we go a few months without seeing them and we realize a part of us is missing.

Thankfulness Post

Today, I just want to say ditto to my 5 Groups for my thankfulness post.  Each of these groups are very important to my family.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “5 Support Groups

  1. Loved this, kinda feel extra special since I am a member of two of these groups! What a great idea born out the barrage of ideas we bombarded you with. ❤ to you my friend!


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