5 What Happened Wednesday Pictures

I’ve managed to rearrange my work schedule in town so that I now do independent work from home two days a week. I’ll explain more about that when I get to the picture that goes with it.  So, this is a brief pictorial summary of what happened around our place by noon on Wednesday.

DSC_0134Chris got to harvest more of the corn at our home farm.  This will finish all the crop ground on this farm – hopefully today.  Tomorrow he plans to head to the farm north of town to finish the beans there.  Harvest is wrapping up for him and just in time.  This weekend he works for a Simmental cattle breeder getting ready for pictures and videos of his cattle.  Then in about 10 days he’ll head to Louisville with the same breeder for the NAILE and be there for a week.  The life of a young farmer and fitter.

DSC_0133We hired a local excavator to come and fix our waterway and build a new pond in our big pasture.  You see, the waterway had cut a gully through the pasture due to years of no maintenance.  When water got scarce the last couple of summers, our cows would get down in the gully and get stuck in the mud.  We lost a few cows and decided it’s much to costly to not fix it.  He started working on the waterways last week and will hopefully get to the pond soon.

orderHere’s the picture I promised to explain in the opening.  I got my real estate license about a year and a half ago.  In the beginning the idea was for me to be more helpful in the office.  Over time it has become apparent that my biggest passion in the real estate realm of things is marketing and auctions.  I attribute those passions to the many trips to the local sale barn as a kid with my dad and the many trips to cattle auctions with my husband.  So, the two days I’m working at home, I’m devoting to marketing our auction company.  I don’t have an auction on the books YET, but my own personal goal is to have one auction a month that I’ve gotten and see it all the way through the process.  The book came highly recommended from a marketing guy I’ve been studying so that’s my homework.  The DVD there is actually a series our family really enjoyed watching some time ago.  I couldn’t find it to watch on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime, so I gave in and bought the DVD.

groceriesGrocery shopping.  While making some marketing stops this morning I stopped off at the grocery store.  Quite a bit of what you see pictured was used to feed the harvest crew lunch.

bin prepMike spent part of the morning prepping our bin for corn storage.  We grind enough corn to feed calves and we have enough abundance of corn this year that we put the old bin back into use.  I’m sure OSHA wouldn’t approve this picture.

Thankful Posts

1.  Old friends.  You know, the ones you don’t see or talk to for days, weeks or months but have a deep personal connection with.

2.  New friends.  The ones who are just dipping their toes into the shallow end of your crazy pool to make sure you’re safe.

3 & 4.  My sisters.  They’re a little older than I am and that was definitely to my benefit.  Mike and I really had a pretty easy time of parenting because we had the advantage of watching them do it first.  Marlene and Mylene couldn’t be more different in some ways and yet couldn’t be more alike in others.  Both have taught me invaluable lessons.

5.  My brother.  I’m not sure how he survived growing up in a house with 3 sisters.  I know he wanted to trade me in when I was born so he could get a brother.  I’m sure there more times over the years he wanted to trade me in but I’m thankful for my big brother.  He and I both have only sons and can understand the dynamic that brings to a house.  And boy, did he ever provide me the training for how to react in emergencies.

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