5 Things Facts about Food Banks

At my town job we’ve been talking about service projects lately and have decided that something for the food bank would be a good plan.  Last year our agents donated 138 pounds of food for the Buddy Packs program in a competition for a blackberry cobbler.  Amazing what a bunch of guys will do for dessert.  I’m not sure what the prize will be this year but it would be amazing to have a donation of 250 pounds of food for the Buddy Packs and 30 hours of time donated to the Food Bank also.

My 5 things today are facts about food banks in Missouri in 2014.  You might be surprised at these.

1.  On a yearly basis 1,190,600 Missourians are served by local food banks.

2.  46% of those households had at least one person employed.

3.  65% of food bank clients had to choose between buying food and buying medicine or getting medical care.

4.  69% have had to choose between paying for utilities and buying food.

5.  60% of food banks in MO have reported an increase in clients.

The Buddy Pack program makes sure that kids have quality food over the weekends and sometimes over the summer.  What better way is there to support our communities and futures?


1.  I am thankful for the educational choices we have.  Our boys attended a wonderful Christian school and then we home schooled them for several years.  Not every country offers you so many choices.

2 & 3.  Our dogs….Abby & Cope.  Both are Aussies but that is where their similarities end.  Abby is calmer, loves to ride in the truck or tractor or on the 4 wheeler, is terrified of storms  and would be quite content as an indoor dog.  Cope is a full sized Aussie who is still a bit hyper but is making a good working dog, only rides in the bed of the truck or runs, doesn’t mind a storm and really doesn’t want to come inside most of the time.

4.  The internet.  Do you realize how useful this tool is?  I can find recipes, tractors, truck parts, cattle drug facts and even farms for sale.

5.  Fresh water for drinking.

2 thoughts on “5 Things Facts about Food Banks

  1. As a fellow Missourian, I enjoyed reading these facts. Our local Master Gardeners grow fresh produce for the food pantries in our county during the summer. It’s a fun way to work together for a larger purpose! We also have someone in our community organizing a Christmas Basket program this year that will provide personal and household things the food stamp program doesn’t pay for.

    This is the time to be thankful for what we have and share, if we can! Thanks for reminding us of the needs of others in our communities.


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