5 Ways to Tell if a Calf is Sick

I was watching the movie Farmland the other day while I was fixing lunch and dessert for the harvest crew.  One of the young farmers featured talked about how he learned to identify sick pigs as a child.  We do some custom care of cattle for a good friend and he brought us a calf that’s been battling some respiratory issues.  I went out to check the cows and calves and double checked him. How can you tell if a calf is sick?  I mean, it’s not like he or his momma can just tell you what’s wrong.  So, 5 ways today is dedicated to how to tell if a calf is sick.

char pair

1.  If the calf is acting lazy, watch him/her more closely.  Calves are very much like toddlers.  Yes, they take naps and they need some rest, but they’re usually playful.

2.  Check the calf’s eyes.  This is the easiest way to tell if your calf is getting dehydrated.  Alert and shining eyes are a pretty good sign the calf is fine.

3.  Check the calf’s rear end.  A dirty rear can give you a clue that the calf’s gut is having problems.

4.  Watch when the calf walks.  Does he walk with his head down?  Ears drooping?  Have trouble walking?  All those are signs something is amiss.

5.  Watch his momma.  Is her udder unusually full?  Does she hover around the calf?  Does she take you to the calf?  Once again, all those are signs something’s wrong.  A full udder usually means the calf’s not eating like he should.


Thankful posts

1. & 2.  Our sons, Chris and Jesse.  We have been so incredibly blessed to be their parents.

3.  Brittany, Jesse’s girlfriend.  Brittany has been a great addition to our family.  She is a great fit and is good for Jesse.

4.  My small group Bible study ladies.  We are a diverse group brought together by a love of Christ.  They hold me accountable and are there to offer support and advice to boot.

5.  My Sunday school kids.  I teach the 4 to 6 year olds at our church on Sunday mornings.  I wasn’t sure if that was going to be a good fit, but we have a really good time, learn about God’s word, memorize scripture and learn how to get along in the world.

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