Introducing Chris

I’ll be honest….I thought for sure I had typed a post about each of our sons on this blog, but I sure don’t see one in the archives.  Since today is Chris’s 22nd birthday, I thought I’d take a minute to introduce you to him.

Chris is our firstborn.  You know, the kid you experiment with, learn on and try to figure out this parenting thing with.  We were fairly young when Chris came along.  I was 21 and Mike was 24.  We had a lot to learn and God used Chris to teach us many of the lessons.

Chris has always been a cowboy.  He loved to watch rodeos and cattle shows as a little guy.  When we were trying to pick out a name for Jesse, it was Chris who wanted to name him after Jesse James.  He grew up watching The Lone Ranger and Bonanza.  He got his first pair of Wranglers when he wasn’t quite 2.  He was so proud of those jeans.  Funny how he knew even then the jeans (and genes) made him like his Daddy.  I ‘m pretty sure the kids at the Christian school where he attended until 4th grade didn’t know what to think of him.  Once, when the class bully tried to pick on him, he looked at that boy with all the bravado an 8 year old could muster and said, “I can lead a 1,200 pound steer around with a rope, so you shouldn’t be a problem.”  The bully, having no knowledge of show cattle, didn’t mess with him anymore.

Chris has always been a joyful personality.  He keeps life interesting and fun.  He’s good natured and enjoys being around others.  What’s really come to light over the last several years is that he is REALLY good at working with kids.  He enjoys them, expects quite a bit out of them and earns their respect.  I’ve watched him work with preschoolers to teenagers and he’s good with them.  He shows a great deal of patience when teaching kids something new.  Someday, he’ll be a great dad and uncle.

Chris lives his life passionately.  Weather it’s showing cattle or going on a mission trip to a Native American Reservation, he is all-in.  There’s no “good enough”.  I was surprised when he first wanted to go on a mission trip.  He hadn’t even wanted to go to camp because he’d have to be gone from the farm for 4 days.  All of the sudden God was asking him to spend a week during fair season serving on a mission trip and he was packing to go.

Chris is frugal.  I do believe he is still spending some of the cash he got for his highschool graduation nearly 4 years ago.  He’s always weighing the costs vs. the benefits.  I only wish I had been so wise with money at his age.  And yet, he gives generously.  He’s just not attached to a lot of stuff.  He values people over property.

So, does that give you a bit of an idea who my oldest son is?    Anything else you’d like to know about him?  By the way, that’s Chris on the far right in the picture.  Happy birthday, son.  You are a blessing.


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