It’s been a day, a week, a month…..

Time flies the older I get.  I can’t tell you where it goes or how to recapture it.  I wish I knew.  Chris showed at his last Audrain County 4-H and Youth Fair Saturday.  He ended his career with the Reserve Champion Overall Heifer.  We were thrilled.

Last Thursday night I got a text from my good friend and co-worker, Kathy.  Her little girl had been in a farming accident and she was asking for prayer.  After praying for Jenna, I was taken back in my mind to when Chris was run over by our bull several years back.  I remember the guilt, frustration and sheer panic that surrounded Mike and I in the following days and how very quiet Jesse became.  It changed us all and reminded us of just how precious each member of our family is.  I began praying for Kathy and her husband and their 3 boys in addition to Jenna.  Some images will be harder to shake, but thankfully Miss Jenna will be fine after a healing process.

I read a report sometime during this very busy weekend about a woman who told some 4-Hers they should turn their parents in for abuse because the amount of work they had to do was surely in violation of child labor laws.  I took a second look, hoping and praying I had misread.  I had not.  This woman, whom I’m sure had no involvement with production agriculture, was trying to convince these children that the fun they were having and the work ethic they were learning was bad for them.  SERIOUSLY??  We live in a world full of people with attitudes of entitlement and yet we’re going to tell the children who actually enjoy their work that it is bad for them?  I do not understand this in the least.

Tonight at Bible study, I was told that ALL elementary students were going to be given breakfast and lunch FREE this year in our district.  ALL.  Not just those who truly need it, but ALL.  So, we’re telling parents and students they are entitled to free food.  The government will supply all your needs.  And yet, who will supply the food for the government?  Who will pay into the system?  You got it, the American farmer.  We supply the food, but we also supply the tax dollars through real estate, personal property and state and federal income taxes.

I’m all for helping out those in NEED, but I’d much rather see the help be practical help that can get someone out of the cycle of poverty instead of just being a hand out.  Why can’t we expect those living in the free or nearly free public housing to raise a garden as part of their food budget?  Can’t we set aside a segment of our parks for a low income CSA of sorts?  Can’t we expect people to work for what they get?  I do get that there are people who are unable to work due to severe mental or physical problems.  And we are called by Christ to provide for them.  I am totally onboard with that.  I am not onboard with people claiming disability who are able to do everything they want to do except work.  With technology being what it is, there is a very small segment of our population that is truly unemployable.  We tell children the way to a prosperous future is education.  I fear we fail to tell them it also is a strong work ethic.

Sorry to be on such a soap box tonight.  I’m frustrated.  I’m flabbergasted.  I may even be a bit cynical.  And I’m concerned.  I’m concerned for our country.  We seem to be a lazy lot who are willing to let others tell us what to think.  We’ll do whatever someone says as long as they take care of our basic needs.  We’re setting ourselves up for being taken over.  The Bible tells us that “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  Humble myself, pray, take action.  There’s the challenge for myself.  What can I do?  Humble myself, pray, turn from my sins and beg forgiveness from God.

One thought on “It’s been a day, a week, a month…..

  1. Your prayers and those of our many prayer warrior friends were felt. You all truly lifted us out of some of the gloom and stress we felt and hand the God guiding the doctors and nurses as they quickly assessed her situation and went to work healing her. Praise God!


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