Mom’s night out







Yesterday, while I was at work, I got a text message inviting me to join a group of moms from our church to go to the movie, “Mom’s Night Out”.  It’s a comedy about a group of moms who go out on the town for a night.  My sons are grown men who can take care of themselves and don’t need their momma at home every night.  So I said, sure, let me just check the calendar when I get home.  You see, this month has a lot of information written on it for breeding cattle.  There are shots to be given, CIDRS to be put in and pulled out, breeding to be done, embryo transplant work to be done.  It’s the time of year that we will get the majority of our cows bred.  So, when I got home and checked the calendar, I discovered that my Moms Night Out would be different than the one I envisioned.  My Girls Night Out is pictured above.  Me heat detecting three different pastures while the guys were at their Grandpa’s farm giving shots to heifers so that we can time breed them on Sunday around noon.  Then we have another big AI job after they get our heifers done.  After heat detecting I watered the pens around the barn and fed the bottle calf.  I then came in, showered and fixed supper.  Oh yeah, I also took the camera out while I was heat detecting and shot some pictures.





The sky was gorgeous tonight.  

These two calves didn’t want to pose for the camera at all.  The one apparently had an itch on his leg.  The other one (on the right) was posing like the class clown.  Of the dogs, Abby was willing to pose but Cope, well…..he’s a typical teenage boy.

Image Image


I think I shall call this black calf, Dumbo.  He’s at an awkward stage right now where his ears seem to have outgrown the rest of his body.  The white calf was too busy resting to be bothered by me taking pictures.


Can you see the electric fence in this picture?  It’s supposed to keep the cows and calves out of the pond.  Unfortunately, one spot washed out and the calves can slip under the fence.  They can get away from Momma, get to the pond, eat the tall, fresh grass and be somewhere they’re not supposed to be.  What could be better?

The blue roan cow is due to calve.  Any.Day.Now.  Look at her udder and look at her face.  She is so over being pregnant.

The pair shows just how quickly the calves grow.  This baby is just about 4 months old and is nearly 1/2 the size of her momma already.

So, how do you enjoy a Mom’s Night Out?  


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