While my youngest son turned 19 back in October, I guess I really didn’t consider him an adult yet.  BUT, last weekend this young man graduated college and I realized I no longer have kids or boys – I have adults, men.


Chris, Jesse and Mike at Jesse’s graduation.

Men who have been highly influenced by the men and women of an older generation.


Jesse with Grandpa and Grandma Bastian                       Jesse with Grandpa and Grandma Moore

I was so thankful that both sets of our parents could come and celebrate Jesse’s accomplishments with us.

And the influence of a godly, young woman has helped to shape Jesse also.


Jesse and Brittany Gross (his long time girlfriend)

Questions have recently been asked of me about parenting and while I can speak to what we did as we parented children, I can tell you it is much different parenting adults.  Mike and I are transitioning (hopefully fairly well).  I pray that our young men will be a mighty influence in the world.  I pray that they can see beyond the surface to what lies within.  I pray that they can be encouragers and motivators.  I pray that they will be happy and successful in the ways that matter most – faith and family.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was praying that my boys might survive childhood, know who God is and behave. Oh, and that I might survive until bedtime.

Jesse and Chris were always best of friends who shared many passions.  Their personalities are quite different, but I swear they both took the best parts of Mike and I.  I have a picture of the two of them together in Jesse’s crib.  Jesse couldn’t have been more than about 2 weeks old and Chris was 2 years and 3 weeks old.  Chris had scaled the side of crib and was laying next to Jesse, patting him on the back and talking to him.  Pretty sure that’s evidence of the first time they were plotting a scheme.  About 6 months later there’s the two of them in the little red wagon, ready for a ride to get the mail.  About 3 years later another picture of 2 boys COVERED from the top of their heads to the bottoms of their feet in mud, grease and manure with looks of joy on their faces…..until I started hosing them off with the cold water from the hydrant.  Another 3 years pass and we see them showing bucket calves together.  It was Chris’s last year of bucket calves and they were ready to take on the cattle show world.  4 or 5 years later, we were at our first Maine Anjou National Jr. Heifer Show in Texas.  That was the first time they got to compete together as a fitting team.  Then we’re to much more current memories.  I’m amazed at how quickly their childhoods passed.  But there are pictures for memories and if I could only print out the pictures and memories in my mind, it would fill volumes.

So, to my adult sons, thanks for showing me how amazing being a mom can be.  I love spending time with you guys and Brittany.  I love the fact that you don’t mind me being a part of your lives.  I love you for now and for always.  Thanks.







One thought on “Adults….

  1. Doesn’t the time seem to fly by?! What a joy and a blessing our children are. We cherish the little things and then when they are all grown up, we hope they have the memories of all that has been cherished. Bless you and your adult men!


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