Storms in life and in the weather

The weather service last week was predicting this week would be the worst as far as tornadic activity in the last 3 years.  So far we have managed to avoid all storms.  We’ve gotten a little rain and little wind, but nothing that would devastate anything.  I got a message from an online friend today that storms overnight had hit their farm and destroyed some fence, but their family was safe and sound.  There were many messages Monday with similar stories.

And then on Monday, there were messages about life storms.  The show cattle industry lost 3 very influential men early Monday morning in a plane crash.  While we only knew the men by name and reputation, but it is a great loss.  I cannot image the storm that these young families are consumed by.  You kiss your husband goodbye as he heads off to a sale.  It’s spring.  You and your preschoolers play outside while daddy’s gone on his trip.  He lets you know he’ll be late getting home due to a wind storm…they’re waiting it out until it’s safe.  They get so very close to home but it’s foggy…And then you’re faced with explaining to your babies that daddy’s not coming home….ever.  You’re faced with carrying on as a single mom, taking care of the cattle and the kids and life in general.  That is one overwhelming scenario. But it is one that is being lived out in South Dakota this week. 

The Bible tells us that “Lord, You have been our refuge in every generation.”  Psalm 90:1  I’m praying for those affected by both storms this week.  The tornadoes that have ravaged sections of the South and the plane crash that has ravaged families in South Dakota.  Please, join me.

We have watched how the storm of losing a parent and spouse can devastate a family.  Mike’s sister died in May of 2007.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years.  The storms of losing her so suddenly destroyed several relationships in her family. It is hard this time of year.  The kids grieve over and over each year.  We had family Easter this past weekend and I heard her oldest daughter laughing and was taken back.  It sounded so much like Liz.  I pray that the families in South Dakota might eventually remember to celebrate the joy of a life well lived.  That eventually they might be able to see past the grief.  That they might understand and feel that God is watching over them.  They can feel His loving arms around them.  That they will be able to remember their father, husband, son, brother with a smile instead of a tear.

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