So, we went to Good Friday service at our church, First Baptist Church-Mexico, Friday evening.  It was one of the most powerful Good Friday services I have ever attended.  It was much different than any other church service I’ve been to.  We worshiped through music, the pastor preached a short but powerful sermon and then we had time for the Lord’s Supper and prayer.  When you felt ready for taking the Lord’s Supper, you went up and took it.  You could take it there or take it back to your seat with you.  Pray when you wanted, how you wanted, about whatever you wanted.  Freedom for you and Christ to spend time together.  Alone and yet with a group of believers.  Powerful.  I took this picture earlier in the week.  Probably Wednesday.  It spoke to me as it reminded me of the cross.  Three nails used to hang my Savior on the cross, to suffer for my sins – not His.


I am thankful beyond words for the blessings (big and small) that God has seen fit to bless me with.  We had another amazing worship service this morning.  The point that resonated most with me was that Christ gave me a new life and made me a new creation.  When I accepted Him as my Lord AND Savior, He really did flip my life.  I was a self centered, manipulative young woman.  I hope and pray that is not how I am seen today.  I live my life to please God first, my family second, and then others.  Are there still times I’m self centered?  You betcha.  Honestly, aren’t there times we all are?  I would like to tell you I ALWAYS put others wants and needs before my own, but I don’t.  I fail.  And yet, Christ is willing to forgive me, pick me up, dust me off and say, “Let’s try that again.”  And that is what being a Christian really is to me.

I hope you all had a glorious Easter.  The weather here was beautiful all weekend.  Feels like there may be some rain on the way tonight, but that’s ok too.  We could use a shower.  The grass is greening up and starting to grow, crops are ready to be planted and the calves are certainly enjoying spring now. 

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