Crafting in the morning…..


I had plans this week of making a new necklace for myself for Easter.  I kind of, sort of knew what I wanted it to look like, but never got around to getting it started.  This morning, Easter morning, I got around to it.  To say I work best with deadlines is an understatement.  While the guys were out doing chores, I worked on laying out my necklace.  I use this little bead board when making necklaces at home.  I have a portable one that holds the beads in place for when I’m on the go.


Once laid out I had to find a clasp that would work.  Some jewelry makers prefer to have their wire match their clasps and crimps.  I’m not quite so picky.  I usually use silver wire.  The clasps and crimps are whichever color works best with what I have laid out. 


You string the wire through the crimp, then the clasp, then back through the crimp.  Once you’ve gotten the wire threaded through, you take your pliers and squeeze the crimp.  This will hold the clasp in place.  And now, now you are ready to string the beads, making sure the excess wire is tucked into the beads. 


This is the easy part.  Once they’re strung you simply run the wire through another crimp, another clasp and back through the 2nd crimp.  And there you have it, a completed necklace just in time for Easter!


Happy Easter!

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