Today, I may get to breathe!

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a week like this.  No time at home to catch up and no time at work to catch up.  Let’s just do a recap of the week.

Sunday, started off getting a call from my Mom wishing me a happy birthday and telling me my Aunt Edna had passed away.  Finished breakfast and getting ready for church.  Had to remove a child from my preschool class for behavior issues.  First time I’ve had to do that….ever.  Finished Sunday school and worshipped in church.  Home for lunch and watched a little Netflix with the guys.  Oh, yeah, forgot to mention we got rid of DISH network last week and haven’t gotten a newer tv for downstairs, so all we can get is Netflix. 🙂  Went out to supper with the family Sunday night in Jefferson City (about 45 minutes south of us).  Got home around 10 and promptly went to bed.

Monday I got up at 5 am and got my shower and a little housework done. At 5:52 I got a call from Jesse, my youngest. Yes, the one that’s in school 1 1/2 hours from home. Apparently after we left him the night before, he checked his email and discovered he needed his Social Security Card….not just his number, for an exit exam or he wouldn’t be eligible for graduation next month. Could I meet him with it on my way to work? You may not know the logistics here but I work 45 miles west-south-west of our house. Jesse goes to school 90 miles south-south-east of our house. We agreed to meet in Jefferson City and it actually only took me an hour and a half to get to work. Then, Mike apparently decided it was time for a new washing machine. He called me for my opinion and I told him I couldn’t give him any input until noon. Apparently he bought one and a good one at that.  Called me at noon to say I was going to need to clean out the laundry room that night so we could get it delivered.  Ok.  I can do that.


Got home at 6 and got a call from Chris (oldest son) saying there was a calf needing some Colostrum and Electrolytes in the calving pen.  Seems his momma didn’t like him much….ok, she didn’t like him at all.  Momma cow and I had a conversation about her lack of mothering abilities and ended the conversation by locking her in a pen in the barn.  I fed the calf his bottle and miraculously he sucked it all down with no fighting about it.  I kept him and his momma separated because I was afraid she’d end up killing him.  Yes, she was that stupid.  No, she will not be remaining in our herd.  Got to the house, made supper and tore apart the laundry room.  Crashed into bed at 10.

Tuesday, Mike called me at work to tell me the washer and dryer weren’t coming until Thursday.  Could I pick up stuff to paint the laundry room while we had it apart?  Sure….sometime.  Well, it probably needs done tonight.  Ok, AFTER visitation I’ll get the stuff.  Oh yeah…forgot about that.  SMH.  Worked at several little projects all day at work.  Wasn’t really focused but knew I needed to knock out as much as possible if I was going to be gone Wednesday for my aunt’s funeral.  Kathy, my coworker, fellow mom and cattlewoman,  brought me some homemade calf potholders and dish towels in a metal can with a lid for my birthday that were simply awesome!  I love them so much.


  Went directly to visitation from work and met Chris there.  Left there and went to Wal-Mart for painting supplies and some quick fix food.  It was already 8 by this point and I was quickly running out of steam.

Wednesday, I woke up early to finish cleaning up the laundry room and start painting.  Mike assured me he had white paint.  There was only enough to paint about a 2 X 2 section of the room.  I slapped on a jacket, ran a comb through my hair and ran into town for some high gloss white paint.  An hour and a half later, the room was painted and I was headed to the shower.  Phone rings about a real estate deal.  Did round one of negotiations, got dressed for the funeral and waited impatiently for Mike to get back from getting hay.  Funeral went well then I dealt with round 2 of real estate deal.  I popped some lasagna into the over for supper, knowing Mike needed something to take to work with him, I had a meeting at church and forgetting that Chris was going to visit Jesse at school.  Cleaned up some dishes and did some research on a project I’d been asked to consider taking on…..more on that in a minute.  Went out armed with my camera and snapped some spring pictures.  I uploaded several to our Google page.  Went to the meeting at church and learned some about how an outsider might see our church and what we could consider to make it a better experience.  Came home and got a text from my good friend, Marti.  I believe it started out with “Are you CRAZY?”  “Why, yes I am.  Why now?”  I had been asked to consider taking over the advisor position for the Missouri Club Calf Association.  It’s something that fits in with our lives that can be a tremendous impact if run properly.  To this point, Samantha Graves has done an AMAZING job running the program with some great young people.  Hopefully I can fulfill that role as well as she did.  I start this weekend…..which may be where the “Are you CRAZY?” came from.

Thursday, work was full of opportunities.  I felt disjointed after having missed Wednesday and knowing there was stuff to be done and organized but not being focused enough to get it all accomplished.  Thankfully Kathy was working again today and kept me above water.  I got home and discovered the washer and dryer had been delivered and tried out promptly.  Mike was so excited that the washer can take 7 pair of jeans, 2 pair of wind pants and 2 sweatshirts in one load and come out cleaner than ever.  Oh, and did I know it could handle 9 bath sheets?  And a gob of colors.  I had all of that to fold and hang.  I fixed us some supper and headed upstairs to watch Last Man Standing on Netflix with Chris.  I also needed to email and upload some heifer pictures to our online album.

So now we come to Friday.  Mike called and asked me to pick up a pack of shingles because the roofers are coming this weekend to look and possibly get it fixed.  We lost shingles in a storm recently and our roof is steep enough that none of us want to mess with repairing it ourselves.  We’ll go ahead and pay them for the risk.  Mike’s staying home from work to fertilize some pasture ground.  I’m thinking I’ll pick up some pizza and check out some prices on making a countertop for across the top of the washer and dryer.  Jesse will be home by the time I get there.

Saturday, the boys are fitting cattle at a show and I’m going to learn about my new volunteer position.  Mike’s going to fertilize and take care of everything at home.  Sunday we have a show where the boys will show their heifers and fit some other cattle and I’ll join them as soon as I’m done at Sunday school.  We’re celebrating Easter this weekend in Sunday School since we don’t have class next Sunday – just worship service.  Should be a really fun time.  Then, after the show, we’ll go to my parents to celebrate Easter with my family.  And I’m guessing, I’ll drop into bed and sleep soundly Sunday night.




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