Saying goodbye…..

Today, we laid to rest my Aunt Edna.  She was 87.  I’ve noticed the more siblings my dad looses, the harder it is on him.  He came from a family  with 11 children.  A lot of his identity (and honestly of mine) came from being from a big family.  My Dad is the youngest of 11 with only 4 of them remaining (3 brothers and a sister).  I did a quick count today of first cousins and I believe there are 37 of us.  My sister would have to be the one to validate that number.  By the time I was born, my Dad’s nieces and nephews had begun having children.  So, when you add in those numbers it quickly explodes. 🙂  Anyway, back on track….

My Aunt Edna was an awesome example of love in action.  She had the gift of hospitality.  I remember many Thanksgivings with much of the family crowding into her little house.  We filled the kitchen with food and even part of the garage housed desserts.  Her living room, sun room, dining area, garage and every little cranny was filled with family….and those who may not have been related but seemed like family.  When we built our house, this is what I envisioned.  A home filled with family and friends.  A home filled with love and food.  A place to retreat away from the rest of the world to recharge.

Aunt Edna liked to take time to visit with EVERYONE.  Those of you who know me well know that I did not inherit any of that from her.  I was a painfully shy young child.  Sometimes it was hard for me to understand why you would want to talk to everyone you came across, but Aunt Edna looked for ways to connect with everyone. 

Aunt Edna enjoyed her garden and time outdoors.  She always grew a large garden and I remember being “allowed” to help her weed it on occasion.  I, too, enjoy gardening and have given the younger generation the “opportunity” to work in the garden. 

Aunt Edna and I share a deep and passionate love of family.  Family was Aunt Edna’s #1 priority.  Family is my #2 priority – 2nd only to my relationship with Christ. 

So, today we said goodbye for now…..for some day, I will see her again in Heaven.  Thanks for the lessons, Aunt Edna.

2 thoughts on “Saying goodbye…..

  1. While I never met Aunt Wfna, I’ve had the privilege of meeting your Dad and knowing you; therefore she did her job exceedingly well in passing love to those she cared about. Thanks to Aunt Edna for what she gave to the world.


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