It’s February….again.

Obviously, right? Every year when mid to late February rolls around life gets rough. We’ve been doing around the clock calving checks for over a month (this year we’re starting week 7 already!). Everyone’s tired of winter….even me. I don’t mind the cold at all and really like snow. Ice and I have never been friends and we’ve had too much of it this year. I attribute my dislike of ice to the time I got a new bike for Christmas. Mom told me not to try to ride it because it was too slick outside. I must’ve been 6 or 7 at the time, the youngest of 4 kids and was pretty sure I knew what I could and couldn’t do. Yup, I was a bit of a brat at times. I took that bike outside and did great – that is until I came upon corner #2 in the circle drive in front of our house. I wiped out trying to take the corner too fast. I was laying out there on the ice crying when Mom came out of the house with a broom in hand. Now as an adult, I’m sure she was going to brush me off so I didn’t drag a bunch of snow into the house, but as a kid, I was certain she was going to beat me silly with broom. And that began my dislike of ice. Knew I’d never be an ice skater, but seem to have perfected a triple sow cow walking to and from the barn during icy winters. Anyway, I heard grumblings last weekend that reminded me the February rant hadn’t come yet. And then this weekend happened. We lost another calf due to cold temps when calving out of a cow who wasn’t due for nearly 3 weeks. Then a young calf seems to have caught pneumonia overnight. And here it came. Why do we do this? Why do we torture ourselves an borrow money to do more of this? What is the deal? Are we brain damaged or what?
It’s ironic that this comes like clockwork every year. When we get to March and April and there’s a little green grass coming on and freezing temps only come in the overnight hours, everyone’s mood brightens. We realized we do this because we love raising cattle. We love the lifestyle. We love the fact that our sons want to carry on this family legacy. We are brain washed – not damaged. God made us to be caretakers of His land and His cattle. That’s why we exist. And we’ll believe it all ….. until February rolls around again next year and we wonder once again.

The little calves below have figured out they can climb through the hay feeder to sneak off from their mommas into the breaking pen for the fall show calves.  They think they’re big stuff….until their mommas start complaining at them to get back in their own pen. Kids!



And this little girl, well she’s just one of many examples of why we do what we do.  This is the first calf out of Jesse’s Angus show heifer from last year.

compressed valentine calf

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