The first of lasts this year.

Yesterday was Chris’s last AGR as an exhibitor.  I chose not to focus on that yesterday.  Today, I’m sentimental.

chris agr 01

This was Chris at age 8.  He had already been showing for over 4 years but those had been bucket calves.  I couldn’t tell you who in our family was most excited for this first “real show”.  His 4-H Beef leader that year told us he couldn’t show at the AGR.  The excuses were many from that man. He was too little to handle a calf.  The calf would get all worked up and get away.  He would get hurt.  We just didn’t understand.  All this from a man whose family never showed at the AGR.  A man who broke his kids calves in the last 14 to 30 days before the fair.  But as I look back, I’m glad he challenged us.  You see, it set the tone for us showing cattle.  We were out to prove everyone who shared that man’s point of view wrong.  We knew our kids and we knew our cattle.  Our entire family spent HOURS preparing for this show.  And every show since then.  By the way, the Beef leader showed up to this show.  He later admitted to coming just so he could say he told us so.  Too bad for him, he never got the opportunity.


This was yesterday.  I am so proud of both of the boys.  They work together just as they always have.  I sit back and wonder why I am so blessed.  We are so thankful to have had 13 wonderful years at the MO AGR Classic with Chris.  We still have two more with Jesse and I have a feeling I may treasure them even more.  Showing cattle has brought so many wonderful people into our lives.  And those who haven’t been so wonderful?  Well, we’ve learned whatever the lesson was God had for us though them and moved on.

So, those of you just starting out at the shows, take some pictures and record some of the memories.  You will never regret it.


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