Time is my most valuable commodity right now…..

I used to think that when the boys grew up and were adults, I’d have more free time.  That, my friends, is a myth.  We have all been so busy around here the last 6 weeks that I can’t even begin to catch you up easily.  How about a couple of highlights?

Jesse returned to Linn State January 7th for his 2nd semester in college.  He managed a 4.0 his 1st semester and is oh so close to that again this semester (worst case scenario is a 3.8, which we’re still VERY proud of).  He only has a couple of weeks of class work left before he’s back home for his internship!  Will be good to have everyone back under the same roof again.

Chris has been busy fitting, clipping and torching cattle for a wide variety of customers.  He also has been a major part of the calving crew around here this spring.  We certainly would have lost a couple of calves if not for his watchful eye and skill.

Mike has stayed busy between his town job and the cattle farm in the winter.  Poor man doesn’t get nearly enough down time.  We did take the day off last Saturday and went to lunch with his best friend from high school then to his cousin’s daughter’s college basketball game.  A day of refreshment helped a bit in the midst of all the work.

Melinda – well, I’m still working full-time as a marketing specialist at the real estate company and have just this week finished everything I need to do for my real estate license.  Mostly it’s to help the agents out in the office, but a few sales here and there surely wouldn’t hurt anything either.

We’re also gearing up for a weekend of fitting and clipping clinic in April.  Hopefully we get enough people registered to have it.

Now, this week a fellow cattle mom and blogger received an award, but in receiving it she had to tag 11 fellow bloggers to answer some questions.  So, the rest of this post will focus on those questions.  Here we go……

Name 11 random facts about yourself.

1.  Rarely am I random.  I tend to overthink and plan out and am driven bonkers by randomness.

2.  I have had many different colors of hair without dying it.  I began life with blond hair, turned a reddish color, went to a brown and on to black.  Now my hair varies from dark brown to a faded out reddish brown in the summer.

3.  I thought I had a big plan for my life until Christ took it over and now I see how tiny my plans were in comparison to His.

4.  The first cattle show I ever even attended, Mike gave me the halter on a cow and told me to take her to the wash rack.  Guess I passed the test.  🙂

5.  We took both boys to a cattle sale before they were 2 weeks old.

6.  I didn’t sleep much my senior year in high school.  I played basketball, was in a bunch of clubs and participated in Speech contests and dated Mike.  Wish I had that energy back.

7.  I tend to be driven.  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well – the first time.

8.  I’m thankful we had boys….not really a flowery girly type of woman so the cattle fit me much better.

9.  I am not musically gifted nor am I artistically gifted.  Mike is both.

10.  I am definatly a morning person.  I’m up at 5 most mornings but can’t seem to keep my eyes open much past 10.  I usually get a lot of work at home done before I head to work in town at 7.  When I get home at night, I’m usually pretty much done for the day.

11.  I have traveled to 14 states…..all but one of those involved cattle.  I don’t desire to travel to many foreign countries but am trying to plan on a week in Jamica for Mike and my 25th anniversary in a couple of years.  Hopefully.

1. Give us your 30 second commercial for your blog.
Really?  I’m a print type of marketing person.  Hmmm….the life and adventures of a cattle farm in MO with few side trails of faith, family and fun.
2. What makes you smile?  God’s goodness.  It shows in my family, our livestock, the beauty around us.
3. What’s your super power, real or for pretend?  Super power…..multi-tasking.  I tend to work on several projects at the same time in order to bring more focus to each of them.  I know it sounds messed up, but that’s how my brain works.
4. Who’s your hero and why are they so cool?  This one has me stumped.  Maybe I’m just to blessed to have just one.
5. And your motto on life would be?  Keep asking God to guide and direct your path in life.
6. Stuck on a deserted island and you have your choice of 5 things, what would they be?  Family, internet access, bred heifer, AI tools (including semen tank), Bible.
7. In a perfect world where you would be right now?  Right where I am.
8. Within your family, what do think has been influenced you the most, your spot in the birth order, the cousins you grew up with, your parents teachings, or something else and if so what?  I would say my parents’ teachings.  They instilled a work ethic in me that I really do appreciate.  They also instilled an atitude of service to others.
9. Tell some of your favorites and why they make the list.  Colors: blues and greens – nature colors. Book:  Bible (it has action, adventure, romance and guidance).  Sport – basketball, especially highschool and college.  Professional sport:  football.  Animal:  really?  Cows and dogs.  Season:  Spring/fall – just a little on the cool side with crisp mornings and evenings.  Dessert:  carrot cake.  Clothes:  jeans, causal top, Justin Gypsy boots.  Hobby:  photography.

10.Which sport reminds you most of life and what lessons have you learned from it?  Basketball.  You play as a team, assists are as important as scoring and you shake hands at the end.
11. If you could turn back time or freeze a particular time, when would that be and why?  Honestly, I wouldn’t.  I’ve had a great life to this point and enjoyed every step with God.

And so, there’s my 11 answers and 11 random facts.  Hopefully you got to know me a little better through this.  If you have any other questions you’d like answered, fire away.


2 thoughts on “Time is my most valuable commodity right now…..

  1. I know someone else who has a 25th anniversary the same summer about 4 weeks later, we have talked about doing something like that as well. We hadn’t got as far as an actual location, but talked about doing something neat, lets hope we BOTH get to do that!!!!


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